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GLL Spring 2023 Registration Is Open or May Be Closing

Soon For Most Member Associations


(click on the GLL Member's graphic in your community below for the most recent registration status)



Click on the Not Sure Where To Start image below to receive information concerning upcoming lacrosse opportunities.


Please note that registration deadlines vary by member Association. Please register as early as possible to receive important communication from Directors, Coaches, etc.


Click on the GLL Member link below that is either associated with your school cluster or the most convenient to your residence. Some of the GLL Member's links may lead to Open Registration or pages that provide contact information. If neither are readily apparent and you do not receive a timely reply, contact outreach@gwinnettlacrosseleague.net for further action.



If residing outside of Gwinnett County and you register with a Gwinnett-based Athletic Association, a $90 'out of county' fee may be requested after the Registration process.


Updated 12/26/22