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Oct. 9, 2013

Destin Little League Board Meeting

Call to Order

6:30 P.M.

In attendance: President- Howard Wortman, V.P. Chris Harris, Secretary- Alaine Willis, Safety Officer- Jeannie Pope, Player agent-Ashley Blasbichler, Matt Dahlman- Treasurer , Brandon Patzig- Coaches Coordinator, Vendors/Concessions- Leigh Harris


1) Website, possible conversion to Dicks sporting goods

Table Dicks sporting good website decision until further research is completed by board or via Mario and Ernest Firth

2) New Board and positions

 President- Howard Wortman

 V.P. Chris Harris

 Secretary- Alaine Willis

 Safety Officer- Jeannie Pope

 Player agent-Ashley Blasbichler

 Matt Dahlman- Treasurer

 Brandon Patzig- Coaches Coordinator

 Vendors/Concessions- Leigh Harris

3) Bylaws, changes need to be discussed and submitted by December

No 10 year old machine pitch softball players-Parents are not permitted to move a player up a level without board permission or evaluation

4) Spring registration and promotion, opening day, costs, Coaches and board children’s fees waived, how many scholarships given to children

Registration and fees discussed, tabled for exact amounts until next meeting, Costs for league operation discussed with proposal for Matt to organize a budget to prepare for fixed costs in 2017-2018 season

5) Lines of communication for parents & coaches

Whenever there is an issue/complaint with league and/or coaching rules there is a process to follow:

Section 2 of Bylaws

Chain of command: If there is a complaint with Destin Little League:

Board member on duty- First point of contact

If escalating a complaint the complainant must first contact IN WRITING, the board member with responsibility over the area of the complaint, these are as follows:

Player Agent- responsible for tryouts, player selection, eligibility, team assignments

Coaching Coordinator- Represents coaches and managers

Safety Officer- coordinates all safety activities

Treasurer- dispenses and reports on the status of the league funds

Secretary- maintains a record of the league’s activities

Information Officer- manages the leagues electronic content

Concession Manager- responsible for the operations of the concession facilities

Sponsorship Manager- collects and reviews sponsorship/fundraising opportunities

Umpire in charge- resolves rule questions and/or interpretations

Vice President- second level escalation for all league activities

President- only the board may escalate to the President


6) Park work to be addressed, grass removed from field

Motion to remove grass from minor’s field by Jeannie Pope, seconded by Chris Harris, unanimous agreement

7) Concession and who is going to operate in the spring

Through the remainder of this week there will be a combination of food trucks and drinks that are DLL property sold by the DLL in the concession stand. There was much discussion about the specifics of how to appropriately differentiate funds between vendors and league concession supplies. At conclusion of meeting a tentative plan to keep all DLL concession supplies separate from any vendors in the concession stand was agreed upon by the board. These supplies will be locked and separate from any vendor that may be using the concession stand so that DLL concession supply monies will be completely separate and accounted for and differentiated from outside vendors.

Other topics addressed, not listed on the agenda:

-Jeannie to look at Fire extinguisher and background checks for providers of concession

-Possible Lanyard to be worn by coaches on the field proposed by Jeannie Pope

-Give Leigh volunteer affidavits’ for concession

Coaching discussion- Harold and Chris discussed how a player advances bases:

Per little league bylaws

District rules states there is no advancing in minors

The process for spending league money on improvements:

- Up to $100 with proper receipt for reimbursement

-Any cost’s from $100-$500 will need a quorum to be spent on improvements: receipts still need to be       provided for reimbursements, receipts need to be labeled

-Any cost over $500 will need to be voted on by entire DLL Board

-Jeannie Pope motioned for a League credit card to be issued and controlled by Treasurer Matt, seconded by Ashley B., unanimous vote “yes” by board members

-Motion by Matt for DLL to pay for a coach’s clinic to teach minor girls softball

 $50 per clinic, seconded by Jeannie Pope

Meeting adjourned by Secretary- Alaine Willis at 9 p.m.