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·       Homecourt is the most advanced basketball training tool on the market. It is a professional product designed by former Google, Apple and Facebook engineers. It is endorsed and invested in by a number of NBA players and owners.


·       The tool uses object recognition technology to “see” the rim, players bodies and the basketball. It uses those objects to capture raw information and automatically calculate advanced metrics ranging from vertical leap to shot release angles and shot charts along the lines of a Wii but without the need for controllers. All you need is an iPhone or iPad for the agility workouts, a basketball for the ball handling workouts and a basket for the shooting workouts


·       Info on the product is available via any web enabled device at homecourt.ai but it can only be used as a training tool by downloading the app on an Apple product. Will not work on Windows or Android OS.


·       Every one of the drills that automatically tracks performance (shooting, dribbling, agilities and vertical) requires an initial calibration every time you do that drill. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.


·       Highly recommend some kind of tripod/selfie for iPhones/iPads. Here’s a link to one we bought on amazon for $25. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075WQYN3B/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1.


·       Shooting drills are excellent. Some are similar to others and the only difference is whether you take 20 shots vs. make 15. Many of the 3 pt drills can/should be moved in for younger/less experienced players. Some drills are designed with having a rebounder/passer but most could be done by just spinning the ball to yourself.


·       Most of the ball handling drills are excellent. They entice players to increase their dribbling speed and touch virtual spots to force them to simultaneously work on their agility and balance. There are a few dribbling drills that are just may be too long and repetitive for most players.


·       The agility drills are excellent.


·       The Ball Handling fundamentals section is a combination of videos and training. It starts at the very beginner level and continues up to intermediate dribble skills. It is an excellent training program for beginner players


·       Tool is broken down into the following “categories”. They are confusingly displayed and mixed on the home screen of the app but displayed somewhat logically in the text options at the very bottom of the homepage.


o   NBA Global Scout – Nothing more than you agreeing to “share your data to be considered for talent development opportunities.”


o   Intro to Homecourt – Four videos to help you understand what Homecourt is and how to use it.

§  Set Up

§  Features

§  In Action

§  Your Turn


o   Shooting Drills – 20 different shooting drills broken down into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Either timed or number of shots/makes. Vary from 1-2 minutes long all the way to 5-10 minutes long. All automatically track your makes and misses and provide advanced metrics (release angle, release time, vertical etc.). The Shooting Workout section appears doesn’t have any time or shot limits. It’s basically a way to track your data when you are just shooting around.


o   Ball Handling Drills – 11 drills. All drills automatically count dribbles, crossovers or touching a virtual dot on the screen. All drills are stationary.


o   Agility Drills – One vertical jump measurement drill. The rest are variations on side to side shuttle drills. Tool automatically counts reps and calculates vertical.


o   Jr. NBA Training Drills – Demonstrations by former pro players and coaches teaching fundamentals. In many cases they are using beginner/intermediate players. Good for beginner and low level intermediate player to watch.


o   Challenges – There are 9 of these includes 3 pointers, foul shooting, shooting from the elbow, Mikan drill, etc. Players try to do as many in 1 minute or hit a certain number in a row. I believe their results get posted nationally against all the other hundred thousand players who have the app. I also believe there is no prizes other than bragging rights to these.


o   Contests – There are currently 5 contests listed. These are for prizes. The contest eligibility dates don’t seem to correlate to the dates listed in the actual contest information. I’ll ask Homecourt about this.


o   Achievements – This is a good idea and one that should be incorporated into the Breakthrough tool. Like Boy Scout Merit badges, players get virtual badges for all sorts of things like shots taken, shots made, continuous workout days etc. There are no prizes other than your badges are displayed in the app.





·       3 icons at bottom of app screen





·       PROFILE

o   Activities (data from Activities above)

o   Skill Ratings

o   Statistics

o   Achievements

o   Connections – connect with other players

o   Edit Profile

o   Share Profile



o   Header – Includes scrolling “NEW” items

Intro to Homecourt Video

§  NBA Global Scout

§  Shooting Workout

o   Recent

o   By Category

§  Shooting Drills

§  Ball Handling

§  Agility Drills

§  Jr. NBA Training Videos

§  Exclusive Drills – Premium drills available to Premium Subscribers

o   Getting Started

§  Setup Video

§  Features Video

§  In Action

o   Measure and Improve Your Shot

§  Shooting Workout

§  Half Court Games

o   Dribble Fast, react fast

§  Single Target

§  Double Target

§  Ball Control

§  Hesitation

§  Crossover

§  Random

o   Boost Your Agility

§  Split Step Reaction – Beginner 1 min

§  Lateral Quickness – Intermediate 1 min

§  Agility Hurdles – Intermediate 1 min

§  2 Player Reaction – Beginner 1 min

o   Get Challenged by the Pros

§  Spida Spin Move Challenge – Donovan Mitchell

§  Ice Trae Challenge – Trae Young

§  Gordon Catch and Shoot Challenge

o   Show Off Your Skills Against the World

§  3-Point Threat Threat (3 PT Range)

§  Laser Focused (Free Throws)

§  Pull Up Master (Mid Range)

§  Fundamental Finisher (Mikan)

§  Slick Handles (Ball Handling)

o   Drills That Push You to the Next Level

§  300 Combo

§  300 Left

§  300 Right

§  600 Combo

o   Master the Fundamentals

§  Ball Handling Fundamentals

§  Mikan Drill

§  Free Throw Drill

§  3 Point Spot 25

o   Broaden Your Basketball Knowledge

§  Basically just the Jr. NBA drills



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