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Below is an overview by the numbers for FLG and King of the Mountain, the two East Coast recruiting tournaments we are competing in. We are participating in 2 events to maximize our players’ opportunities of being viewed by all types of colleges coaches. This is a strong list and it's always good to have options. It is a good idea to get as many schools interested no matter whether you are a freshman or senior and then give yourself options from there.



FLG & King of the Mountain College List:


The college lists are based off of last year, but the tournament directors stated that most will be back this year and new ones will join as well. We just want to be transparent because some schools don’t commit until a couple weeks prior to the event. Here is an analysis of the attending schools:


School Totals:


  • Total Schools = 175-200 
  • Div 1 = 40-50 
  • Div 3 = 100-130


School Breakdown:


Division 1:

  • IVY = 4-5
  • Patriot League = 6-8
  • Top 30 / Major Conferences = 18-22


Division 3:

  • Top 50  = 20-25
  • NESCAC = 5-7
  • Top Academics = 15-20


Coach Cassese - Lehigh University 


We’re also very excited for everyone to see where Coach Donovan attended school and hear from his former coach Lehigh Head Coach Kevin Cassese  about the recruiting process and what college coaches are looking for in a player. Coach Casses will also describe the overall college lacrosse experience!