US Lacrosse Member League serving Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk & the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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COVA & Southside Lacrosse League (SSLL) strives to create a fair, positive and meaningful program in a fun, family friendly environment, though we acknowledge that not every game or event will be without issues.  The satisfaction of our players and families is very important to us and we value all constructive feedback.  The Grievance Policy below is designed to help SSLL players and families resolve any problems or issues that may arise.

As with most youth sports, SSLL works within a "24 Hour Rule" grievance framework, whereby we request that issues be submitted 24 hours after the event or activity in question occurs.  SSLL reserves the right to disregard any grievance filed through this forum in less than 24 hours after the event or activity occurred.

SSLL requests that you first consider approaching your grievance on an individual basis with the person or people involved.  We recommend you consider a face to face discussion with patience and professionalism.  If not in person, we recommend at least a phone call to express your concerns and/or objections.

If a solution or satisfaction is not reached, please complete the online grievance form below.  SSLL Directors will carefully review the grievance to determine the appropriate course of action. If it decided that a personal Action Review Meeting with all parties is necessary, we will contact you within five business days (M-F) of review.  While it is not our intent to minimize any specific grievance, not every grievance will warrant a personal Action Review Meeting.

If an Action Review meeting is scheduled, SSLL Directors will hear cases from all sides involved in order to render a fair decision and solution.

Please ensure that your submitted complaint specifies all parties involved, specific dates and times and any witnesses to the event or actions described.

It is the policy of SSLL not to reprimand or discriminate against any party for filing a grievance through the forum described here.  In addition, any party described or included in any grievance in this forum will be afforded the same policy.

It is important that all parties understand that when a grievance is filed, it is possible that one or both parties will not be satisfied with the results of the board's decision.

If possible, SSLL Directors will provide a verbal decision at the completion of the Action Review Meeting and a written decision to be delivered within five business days of the completion of the final meeting with all parties.  Typically, results of the grievance filing and Action Review Meeting will NOT be published or made public

The decision of SSLL is final and there is no appeal process. We appreciate your interest of improving the Southside Lacrosse League through feedback via this process.

Please click here to submit your grievance report online.