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Policy Paper Sections 6.1 through 6.5 (July 2011)

Pre-Season. Pre-season skating sessions scheduled and supported by SYHA will occur before team selection and are the only pre-season sessions affiliated with SYHA. These sessions are strictly voluntary and will not be used for team selection. If pre-season scrimmages are held, they will be non-checking. An SYHA coach, or an outside coach selected by the Director of Coaching, will run the pre-season program. All registered SYHA players will be notified of the pre-season program, for which SYHA reserves the right to charge a nominal fee. Registration, if required, for pre- season sessions is on a first-come, first-served basis. Every reasonable effort will be made, however, subject to financial constraints and in the best interests of the program, to accommodate all who wish to participate.

Post-Season. SYHA endorses a short period of USA Hockey-approved post-season tournament competition. SYHA does not sponsor or endorse any tournaments after the conclusion of the CHC and USA Hockey tournaments. Non-endorsed teams who elect to play in outside tournaments may not use SYHA jerseys, the SYHA logo, or other SYHA equipment. SYHA may, at the discretion of the Division Director, the Vice President of On-Ice Operations, and President, endorse additional tournament play that clearly represents a continuation or completion of the regular season. Such tournament play may include district, regional, or national tournaments.

CHC and CGHL State Tournaments. Players on registered teams are expected to participate in approved CHC and CGHL State Hockey tournaments and to participate in regional and national play if the team advances that far.  SYHA will support all teams that advance with the coverage of tournament registration fees.  Individual expenses related to the tournament such as hotel, food, and mileage are the responsibility of each family.  In recognition of the additional and unplannded expense, families in need may submit a financial hardship request to support individual travel expenses directly to the League President for consideration.  The application will be reviewed in strictest confidence by a three member sub-panel of the SYHA Board consisting of the President, VP of On Ice Operations, and Treasurer.  Requests will be approved based on financial need and at the discretion of the sub-panel committee.

Spring Hockey. The SYHA season ends at the conclusion of CHC and USA Hockey tournaments. SYHA does not sponsor spring hockey teams directly or indirectly by providing jerseys or other equipment to players or teams, and participation in spring hockey shall have no bearing on team selection in the following year. SYHA strongly encourages coaches and parents to open spring or other out-of-regular-season hockey opportunities to all players interested.

Summer Skills Sessions. At the Board’s discretion and subject to facilities availability, player interest, and cost concerns, SYHA may hold voluntary summer skills sessions and reserves the right to charge a nominal fee for such sessions. The sessions will be for hockey skill enhancement and will not be used in player evaluation or in team assignments for the following year. 



Policy Paper Sections 8.1 through 8.8 (July 2011)

Publicity. Individual statistics will not be published for any player, team, or Division. General newspaper coverage of teams is encouraged; however, such coverage should not include individual statistics and should focus on the team overall. Any deviation from this policy must be discussed with the President, whose decision in the matter will be final.

Referee Scheduling. The Director of Scheduling shall manage the scheduling of referees for all home games through Ice Hockey Officials of Northern Connecticut (IHONC).

Goaltenders' Clinics. Ice time may be scheduled specifically for goaltender development clinics. A goaltender coach may be selected by the Director of Coaching to work with all players interested in the position of goaltender. The Director of Coaching may, at his discretion, make other arrangements – subject to facilities availability and budget concerns – to support the development of SYHA goaltenders.

Equipment Purchases. No ‘standard issue’ equipment (including game jerseys, goalie equipment, and so forth) will be purchased by anyone other than the Director of Equipment. All such purchases require prior Board approval. In the Mite and Squirt Divisions, and in the Girls Division, SYHA will provide teams or goaltenders with a blocker glove, chest protector, catcher glove, leg pads, goalie stick, and goalie neck guard as available from the SYHA equipment inventory. Players are responsible for providing all other equipment. SYHA will then make available remaining goaltending equipment to skaters in other divisions. A skater not satisfied with the fit or quality of SYHA-provided goaltending equipment will bear the responsibility of providing his or her own equipment. All of the foregoing equipment remains the property of SYHA and will be cared for appropriately and returned directly to the Director of Equipment at the end of the season. Players are responsible for the condition of all loaner equipment, with the exception of normal wear associated with use in SYHA-approved play .

Purchase of Ice Time. No SYHA team or affiliated group will purchase ice time prior to or during the season outside of the SYHA program. All ice used during the season will be coordinated through the Director of Scheduling. The Division Director and/or the President must approve all exceptions to this policy. At the conclusion of the regular season and prior to participation in post-season tournament play, teams may purchase additional outside ice time to prepare for such tournaments at their own expense with proper insurance coverage.

Game Jerseys. Game jerseys are the property of SYHA. Players will not alter game jerseys in any way, and will not affix names to jerseys. Jerseys will be returned to the Director of Equipment at the end of the regular season or after the last sanctioned post-season tournament game in good condition, with the exception of ordinary wear in SYHA-approved play. Any other damage to the jersey is the responsibility of the player and will be assessed at the current replacement cost of the jersey.

Team Connecticut Recommendations. The Director of Coaching will make Team Connecticut nominations, in consultation with the appropriate travel Head Coaches and Division Directors, and forward them to CHC.

Team Manager/ Team Coordinator. Head Coaches will appoint a team manager who will be responsible for performing administrative functions for the team, uniform distribution and collection, establishment of an information phone chain, schedule information distribution, publicity, special events, communications, off-ice issues, contributions to the website, and so forth.