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Approved September 1, 2017 

To download a copy of this policy, please click HERE


In the Mite U6/U8 Divisions (House and Travel), SYHA will expose as many players as possible to the goalie position, encouraging all players to experiment with goaltending.  All players interested in trying the goaltender position will get an opportunity to do so through team play and the SYHA Goalie Skill Sessions.  At this age it is important for all players, even players with a strong goalie interest, to develop their skating skills.

In the Squirt U10, PeeWee U12, Bantam U14, Girls U12/U14, Midget U18 Divisions, SYHA will continue goalie development with skill-based teaching through team coaches and SYHA Goalie Skill Sessions.  Only players in these divisions will be given the opportunity to tryout as a Goalie.  


GOALIE TRYOUTS (Squirt U10, PeeWee U12, Bantam U14, Girls U12/U14, Midget U18)

At SYHA Tryouts, every player is evaluated and assigned to a team based on his or her skill level at a particular position (goalie or skater).  The emphasis is to appropriately place all players, including skaters and goalies, with like-skilled players. 

SYHA requires a player trying out for a goalie position to declare prior to tryouts if they intend to tryout as a goalie.  Declaration can be made through Program Registration, or by contacting your Division Director prior to the first evaluation session.

On the first night of tryouts, Goalies will participate in both tryout sessions (Sessions 1 and 2) to initiate evaluation for their respective level of play.  Goalies may also be asked to attend all sessions on nights 2 and 3, or may be assigned to particular sessions at the discretion of the Evaluation Team. 

Goalies will be evaluated by the Evaluation team at each session.  The Evaluation Team reserves the right to add an additional or dedicated evaluator(s) to the Evaluation Team, at any point in the process, to focus on goalies.  Evaluators will rank goalies at each division level, submitting a final ranking to the Evaluation Team at the conclusion of tryouts for final placement.

Goalies will adhere to all other parameters as outlined in the SYHA Tryout Policy.



House and Limited Travel Teams (Mite U6/U8, Squirt U10, Girls U10, PeeWee U12):

  • Interested players will rotate when goalie play is introduced.  Coaches will use discretion to encourage the rotation of all players to play in the goalie position during practices and games.

Travel Teams (Squirt U10, PeeWee U12, Bantam U14, Girls U12/U14, Midget U18):

  • The number of goalies in a Division will determine the goalie count on a particular team.  Two or more goalies may be assigned to a team.  In this scenario, equitable playing time is strongly encouraged and will be implemented over the course of the season, but equal playing time is not mandatory. 

Those players who desire to compete as a goalie on a Travel Team in any Division (A, A1 or B) should understand the playing time policies above.  Head Coaches are the final authority on what constitutes equitable playing time and players must agree to abide by this policy if selected. 



It is the position of SYHA that all players who tryout and are placed on travel team as either a skater or goalie will hold that respective position for the entire season.  As a general standard, Goalies should not expect to ‘skate out’ (play forward) in games during the season.

SYHA provides Goalie and Skater Skills Clinics for Developmental, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.  Clinics will be offered throughout the season. 

  • Skaters that demonstrate interest in trying the Goalie position are encouraged to participate in scheduled SYHA Goalie Skills Clinics to further develop his/her goalie skills.
  • Goalies that demonstrate interest in a forward position are encouraged to participate in SYHA Skater Clinics to further develop his / her skating skills. 

SYHA recognizes that periodically there may be scenarios in which a goalie / skater rotation is appropriate or necessary.  Head Coaches may use discretion to rotate a goalie / skater throughout the season for reasons such as, but not limited to, absence, illness, or other reasons as deemed reasonable by the Head Coach.

At the discretion of the Head Coach, exceptions to grant a long term goalie / skater rotation (i.e., a more regular or permanent net sharing arrangement) must be presented to the Division Director, who will then share the request for exception with the President, Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Policy and Director of Coaching for final approval.