Premier youth lacrosse club in santa monica and los angeles, offering training and teams for beginners, as well as recreational and advanced players.








Welcome to the 2018/19 Dragons HS winter season! This year we are running things a little differently in an effort to:


  • Offer a more personalized approach
  • Maximize training benefits 
  • Make sure we have rosters optimized for each tournament
  • Allow families more control over costs

The primary change is that we are separating training and tournaments this season. And we are offering a more in-depth recruiting support program. What this means is that every eligible HS player will be invited to participate in our training sessions. Training is the bedrock of high school lacrosse and we expect to continue to be a leader in that department. Depending on your grad year and ability level, you will then be invited to participate in certain tournaments, recruiting opportunities, as well as additional advanced training. 





We will host an orientation meeting on Thursday, October 4th at the Main Library in Santa Monica in the Community Room (click for details) from 7-8:30pm. Parents and players, especially 9th grade families, are requested to attend. 





In order to play with Dragons this winter you will need to register for several different programs:


  1. Training Membership
  2. Team Tournaments 
  3. Recruiting Membership
  4. Recruiting Programs

The Training Membership is required. The others are opt-in to allow families scheduling and budgeting flexibility.



Below is an overview of the program elements. A detailed description follows the summary.


Training Membership

  • Positional
  • Team Practices
  • Pick Up Games - Beach & Field
  • Box
  • Speed & Agility

2021/22 Team

  • Surfstorm, November 10 & 11 - Oceanside, CA
  • OC Fall Brawl, November 17 & 18 - Irvine, CA
  • War On The Shore, December 8 & 9 - Irvine, CA
  • Legends National Cup, December 15 & 16 - Del Mar, CA

Varsity Team

  • The Hustle, December 1 & 2 - Oceanside, CA
  • Air Station, January 26 & 27 - Irvine, CA

Recruiting Membership

  • Recruiting Seminar
  • 1 on 1 Recruiting Meetings
  • Film Sessions
  • Sports Recruits 

Recruiting Programs

  • Showcase Prep Program
  • East Coast Fall Showcase & Invitational
  • Lacrosse Masters
  • MadLax National Team

Master Schedule


As always, we are still waiting to get our field space assignments from the City so we can lay out all our training sessions. We will provide that information as soon as we have it. We did want to lay out the weekends for everyone though so you can see how the activities are structured. Even though we have a lot going on, there is minimal overlap.


November 3 & 4 - OFF

November 11 & 12 - Surfstorm (2021/22)

November 17 & 18 - East Coast Invitational (2019, 2020, 2021), OC Fall Brawl (2021/22)

November 19 to 25 - THANKSGIVING BREAK

November 24 & 25 - OFF

December 1 & 2 - The Hustle (Varsity)

December 8 & 9 - War on the Shore (2021/22)

December 15 & 16 - Legends National Cup (2021/22), Lacrosse Masters (2019, 2020)

December 20 to January 2 - CHRISTMAS BREAK

December 22 & 23 - OFF

December 29 & 30 - OFF

January 5 & 6 - Adrenaline Challenge (MadLax National Teams)

January 12 & 13 - OFF

January 19 & 20 - OFF

January 26 & 27 - Airstation Shootout (Varsity)


We expect the Training Membership for HS to start the first week of November and end the week of the CIF deadline on 2/23.


Box Training will take place on the OFF weekends in January and prior to the CIF deadline in February.




  • All sessions except Team Practices are open to all players.
  • Team Practices are open to players on a specific roster.
  • Players not on a roster will have Positional training during Team Practice session or may be invited to participate in Team Practices

Cost: $645

Number of Sessions: 18 to 20

Registration: Click HERE


Elements Covered by the Membership Fee:

  • Training sessions
  • Coaches stipends for practices
  • Field space 
  • Equipment
  • Administrative fees

The membership fee will NOT include tournament cost.


Positional: Positional training is small-group training by position that takes place either as a stand-alone clinic, or as part of a Team Practice. We basically split players up by position and teach them the skills and lacrosse IQ required to excel at a position. Positional Training is important because it is a fundamental building block of the team as a unit.


Team Practices: The Team Practice is the format we are all familiar with. It works primarily on getting a team on the same page, and developing a good work ethic and a highly competitive attitude. Team Practices generally focus on:


  • Warm ups
  • Stick work
  • Competition (3v2, 4v3, 6v6, Numbers, etc.)
  • Situational Drills (Man Up & Man Down, clearing, 2 minutes left in game, etc.)

Pick-Up Games - Beach & Field: The best way to explain the intent behind pick-up games is to let Jamie Munro do it. Munro is one of the founders of 3d and he was head coach at Denver University. He publishes a regular newsletter and the latest edition had the following segment titled: The Power of Free Play.


“I often write about my belief in the Sandlot model of development. Last fall in lieu of fall club lacrosse, we played a weekly pick up game of street lacrosse, and it was amazing. We invited boys and girls, we had DI commits and middle schoolers mixed in the pure joy of playing lacrosse. I had coached a couple of the DI commits in HS and they say unequivocally last fall was HUGE for their development, yet they were playing with girls and old guys like me.”


We will be scheduling pickup games throughout the season. Locations will be a box rink, on the beach or on the field when we get the space.


Box Training: Box is a great training tool for lacrosse and we plan on making it a much bigger part of our regimen by adding HS pre-season training sessions and a summer box program. 


Box Pre-Season Training: We’ll be offering several weekend sessions in December, January and February prior to the CIF deadline.


Summer Box Program: Although we are only presenting winter information at this point, we want to give a quick summer preview so you can see how the pieces fit together. We are planning on a week-long summer box trip to Canada in late June or early July to prepare players for their East Coast Showcases. We are also planning to enter teams into the USBOXLA Nationals in August 2019.


Speed & Agility: A little bit of this is done every time we hit the field. But our goal this Winter is to create more of a sense of urgency with high school players in regards to this type of training. Size, speed and strength all matter a lot at the high school level because in many situations a player is on a roster that includes freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Speed & Agility are a big part of getting ready for your spring high school season. We will integrate as much Speed & Agility into our session as possible since we now have a certified in-house instructor: Lyndsey Munoz. We are also working on setting up an affiliate program with a specialty gym and hope to make an announcement soon. The cost of participation in an affiliate Speed & Agility program is NOT included in the Training Membership.



The design of the 2021/22 team is to provide our freshmen and sophomores with an opportunity to play at their age level in a high school environment. It removes the stress of having to worry about getting trucked by a big junior or senior. Yet it still puts our players in a competitive high school environment that will be challenging, especially for freshmen. The 2021/22 team will have the following schedule:


  • Surfstorm, November 11 & 12 - Oceanside, CA 
  • War On The Shore, December 8 & 9 - Irvine, CA

The tournaments range from being moderately to highly competitive, so the intensity of the season ramps up as it goes on.


The tournament registrations are what we call “waitlist registrations.” When you register, you will automatically be placed on a waitlist. You can register but you will not be charged. We do this because the tournaments are participation dependent. This winter we will only attend those tournaments for which we have a complete and competitive roster. If we have a complete roster by the deadline, we will take everyone off the waitlist and you will then be asked to make payment to complete the process.


Surfstorm Registration - $275: Click HERE

War on the Shore Registration - $235: Click HERE


Registration Deadline: Monday, October 8th.



In looking at our player pool after the tryouts and during box season, we realized that we have the potential to put together a really good team that includes the best players from Freshmen up to Seniors. The primary design of the team is to offer a great playing opportunity at competitive tournaments with a great group of players. The Varsity team will have the following schedule:


  • The Hustle, December 1 & 2 - Oceanside, CA
  • Air Station, January 26 & 27 - Irvine, CA

Both tournaments are highly competitive in different ways. The Hustle will feature the highest level club teams from the area. Air Station will feature many of the top high school teams.


There will be several dedicated training sessions prior to each tournament to get everyone on the same page.


The tournament registrations are what we call “waitlist registrations.” When you register, you will automatically be placed on a waitlist. You can register but you will not be charged. We do this because the tournaments are participation dependent. This winter we will only attend those tournaments for which we have a complete and competitive roster. If we have a complete roster by the deadline, we will take everyone off the waitlist and you will then be asked to make payment to complete the process.


The Hustle Registration - $330: Click HERE

Air Station Registration - $235: Click HERE


Registration Deadline: Monday, October 8th.



1. Recruiting Seminar: We will hold a recruiting seminar on November 14 to go over the ins and outs of the recruiting process. 


2. 1 on 1 Recruiting Meetings: Each player will participate in 2 sessions that work on:


  • Long-term planning
  • How recruiting can help in the college application process
  • Whether or not a player is suited for the recruiting process
  • Mindset required to succeed at recruiting
  • How a player fits into the landscape
  • Compiling a list of schools
  • Composing e-mails to coaches


3. Highlight Reel Workshop: 2 hour classroom session in which we analyze player highlight reels and work on improving them for maximum effectiveness.


4. Sports Recruits: Use of Dragons SportsRecruits membership.


Cost: $325


Registration: Click HERE



Showcase Prep Program: A lot of recruiting happens in October and November. Many families will take 1 or more trips to the East Coast to participate in individual showcases and/or prospect days. And we will be attending the East Coast Invitational Showcase on November 17 & 18 as a chaperoned group. And of course we are offering the Lacrosse Masters prospect camp as part of our schedule.


In order to put their best foot forward at a showcase, players need to prepare properly. Here are some of the challenges players face:


  • Keeping skills sharp when lacrosse isn’t really in season
  • Preparing specifically for a position
  • Dealing with jet lag and early AM East Coast games
  • Preparing for playing in the cold
  • Standing out in front of college coaches
  • Integrating with players on a one-off team 
  • Doing warm ups when coaches at showcases are not involved in that activity
  • Mindset preparation

Our Showcase Prep Program is specifically designed to address these issues. It consists of 3 field sessions that each run 2 hours in length. The sessions will be divided into:


  • Warm Ups
  • Positional Showcase Training (how do I stand out, sharpen skills…)
  • Showcase Simulation (coaches are recruiters, take notes on players…)
  • Feedback session (evaluate player performance from Showcase Simulation)
  • Mental preparation, sleep, diet and jet lag

Session Location: 


Playa Vista Sports Park

12584 Bluff Creek Drive

Playa Vista, CA 90045


Session Schedule:


  • Sunday, October 14 - 3:30 to 5:30pm
  • Sunday, October 21 - 3:30 to 5:30pm
  • Sunday, October 28 - 3:30 to 5:30pm

Cost: $195

Registration: Click HERE


East Coast Fall Showcase & Invitational: This event takes place on November 17 & 18 at Landon High School in Bethesda, Maryland. The first day is an individual showcase. The second day is a team showcase. Dragons players will be assigned to a house team on Sunday. 


What makes this showcase so unique is the high caliber of teams committed to the event, which includes: Landon (MD), IMG Academy (FL), Gonzaga (DC), St. Ignatius (CA), Madlax Nationals (USA), Hill Academy (Canada), Malvern Prep (PA), as well as many more. The quality of the schools represented attracts quality college coaches that are looking for the highest level talent. Organizers expect between 50 - 70 college coaches from notable programs in DI and DIII.


The number of teams is limited to 20 and there are only 5 fields to ensure that college coaches are always seeing our players.


This is a group trip without parents. All participating players will be chaperoned by coaches, saving parents the expense of getting their own airline ticket, a rental car and hotel room. The cost of this trip includes:


  • Showcase & Invitational fee
  • Uniforms
  • Lodging & ground transportation
  • Coaching support, chaperoning and coaches travel expenses 

Not included in the fee: airfare & food


  • Schedule Info: The event is November 17 & 18 in Bethesda, MD. We will be leaving Thursday, November 15 and returning late on Sunday the 18th.
  • Pricing: $1,395
  • Registration: Click HERE (please be aware that there is a waitlist after the first 5 slots).
  • Deadline: Monday, October 8th

To get a basic idea of what this trip will be like, please WATCH THE VIDEO. The Fall trip is much more compressed than the summer trip in the video. But the design and execution are similar.


Lacrosse Masters: This is one of the top prospect camps in the country. It is a 2-day event in Santa Barbara, CA at UCSB that targets players looking to play at highly academic schools. Colleges attending this year are: Brown, Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, UPenn and Lafayette. Players will be coached by the coaches of these schools and will play in 3-5 games a day. We also recommend this prospect camp to anyone that had never been to an East Coast Camp and is reluctant to spend the time and money just to get the experience. 


We will have 1 or more Dragons coaches on site to support our players, and it is very likely that we will host another family dinner with the Lacrosse Masters coaches, like we did last year. However, we are not chaperoning players at this event.


  • Schedule Info: December 15 & 16 in Santa Barbara, CA at the UCSB campus. 
  • Pricing: $695
  • Registration: Click HERE to register

MadLax National Teams: This year we are entering into an affiliate agreement with a major East Coast program called MadLax. MadLax is part of the upper tier of East Coast clubs and is a member of the exclusive National Lacrosse Federation (Crabs, Igloo, LI Express, Team 91, Prime Time, etc.) and a founding member of the North American Lacrosse (Igloo, LI Express, Team 91, Prime Time, etc.). Their Capitol and National teams routinely win major events and consistently beat top West Coast teams. This makes the MadLax National Team a great platform to showcase our best players.


Below is more info on MadLax:


During the Fall/Winter season the MadLax National Team is traveling to CA to compete in the Adrenaline Challenge and we are offering very limited spots on that team to our players. Check your inbox for invitations.