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NYSA uniforms are required for game play in U6, U8, U10, U12, and U14. Tots programs do not require uniforms.

All uniforms can be ordered at the NYSA team store, which is operatd by soccer.com. If you do not see your player's name, it means they have not been uploaded into the ordering system yet. This usually takes a week after a player is registered and you will receive an email from soccer.com welcoming you and prompting you to order.

Important: please note that uniforms for U12/U14 are different than the in-town levels and must match completely or games may be forfeited (an ECYSA rule).

Tots In-Town - U6, U8, U10 Travel - U12, U14
NYSA shirts will be given to each player at their first practice at no additional fee. Required: 1 NYSA home jersey (MAROON), 1 NYSA away jersey (GREY), shin guards Required: NYSA travel jersey, NYSA shorts, maroon socks (must be maroon/white Adidas copa zone cushion iv), shin guards, soccer cleats.

NYSA socks and shorts are not required but are available.

Soccer cleats are recommened.

All players must have matching uniforms, including socks, according to the ECYSA rules.














Questions Answers
I already have black shorts and maroon socks, can I just use those? For travel levels? No. All uniforms must match exactly or games can be forfeited according to ECYSA rules. You also will not be able to check out at soccer.com if you haven't chosen all of the required items. For In-town levels? Yes, use any shorts and socks you want, they are not required.
Can I choose my number? No. We will assign a number to each player to prevent duplicates. Once we have processed your NYSA registration, you will receive an email from Soccer.com with a link to buy your uniform.
How much does each uniform cost? Travel uniforms are ~$60. In-town jerseys are ~$30.
I bought a uniform last year, I have to buy another? It depends on where we are in our uniform cycle. Travel levels are on a two year cycle and uniforms change in Fall 2024 and Fall 2026. In-town uniforms are on a three year cycle and change in Fall 2023 but there is more flexibility about using old uniforms.
What are the recommened and fan wear items? These are not required but we have provided branded merchandise for our players, coaches, and fans to buy if they would like to. The in-town shorts and socks are in the recommended section.
How long does it take for uniforms to be shipped? Expect a 4 week turnaround from when you order. Keep in mind, the fall season will start in early September and the spring season in early April.
In a few years, can my little brother/sister wear my uniform? Travel uniforms will change every 2 years and will need to be repurchased. The purchasing years are 2024, 2026, & 2028 starting in the fall seasons.
Is there a difference between the boys and girls uniforms? Travel shorts have a different cut for boys and girls if you order adult sizes. Youth travel shorts are all the same. In-town uniforms are unisex.
What size should I order? Soccer.com provides detailed size guides on their site during the ordering process. Also, see below.
I have more questions, who should I ask? Email programs@newburyportsoccer.com.