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FGFS - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Online registration is available by credit card, which is a link on the home page, or you can mail in a registration form found in the "Documents" tab of the home page to pay by check.  

What are the age groupings for the league?
Grades K-1 - Instructional league
Grades 2 - Intermediate league
Grades 3-4 - Junior B league
Grades 5-6 - Junior A league
Grades 7-8 - Senior league

How long does the season go?

The Spring Season will begin during later April. Opening Day/Picture Day is typically the last Saturday of April. The season runs into early June., and then Junior B, Junior A and Senior league teams play into mid-June as they have playoff rounds after the season is complete.

What are the uniform requirements?

All players will be given a game shirt.  The Intructional and Intermediate Levels are given shirts to keep.  Junior B, A, and Seniors are given shirts to wear for the season, and then they are collected at the end of the season. Additionally, it is recommended that players wear softball pants or shorts.  Some players prefer leggings at the lower levels.

When are the games and practices?

The Instructional and Intermediate leagues have two games per week and one whole league, clinic style practice.  Junior B, A, and Seniors start with 2 games per week and then move to 3 games per week around the third week of the season.  Practices will be at the coaches discretion, typically more at the beginning of the season, and less as the season wears on.

Where are the games and practices?

The FGFS complex is the adjoining school fields on Walsh and Dunning schools. Upper Walsh and Dunning are the two premium fields used by Juniors and Seniors. The younger leagues play at Lower Walsh as well as Hemenway, & Danforth.

Practice fields are assigned by the league, with time blocks set aside for each time on the same fields that the games are played on. However, coaches may choose to practice on any free field if it is convenient for the team.

How do I sign up to coach?

Simply mark on the registration form that you are interested in coaching.

What does a head coach do and what does an assistant do?

A head coach is responsible for running the team at games and practices, and communicating with the players and families throughout the season. All head coaches must fill out a CORI and have an interview with league representatives prior to being accepted as a head coach.

An assistant coach helps out at games and practices, and may take over head coaching responsibilities when the head coach cannot make it.


FGFS head and assistant coaches work as a team and are expected to gel together providing common instruction, guidance, and leadership to their teams.

How do I sign up to volunteer in other ways for the league?

Simply mark the registration form to indicate that you are interested in volunteering. Also, there is a monthly Board meeting to discuss league operations which anyone is welcome to attend.

When and where are the Board meetings?

There is a monthly meeting on the  1st Monday of the month held at 7:00 PM. The location can vary and is always posted on our website. Typically, Board meetings occur in September-May, with a wrap-up of the spring season informally in June.


Which leagues have umpires?

Our Umpires are all USA/ASA Softball registered, and are utilized for all games at the Junior B, Junior A, and Senior levels. The instructional and intermediate leagues are game managed by the coaches who are providing constant in-game instruction.


How are teams formed?

Framingham Girls Softball strives for parity among all teams, especially where score is kept and umpires are employed.  This is less important at the Instructional and Intermediate levels as every player bats in an inning and a large emphasis of play is focused on skill building.

At Junior B, Junior A, and Seniors, players are evaluated by their previous year coaches on an informative spreadsheet, looking at all areas of play, including hitting, throwing, catching, intangibles, etc.

At Instructional and Intermediate levels, teams are typically formed by school.  We have found that this provides greater familiarty and comfort to our youngest players.  There are occasions where we have large numbers from one school and only a couple from another.  We work to integrate them together as seamlessly as possible.


At the Junior B, Junior A, and Senior levels, going into the 2017-2018 seasons, we are more committed than ever to "shuffle the deck" with teams.  That means, that players may play for the same coach for a couple years or levels, but they are likely to have new teammates as well duing that period of time.  We want as many players as possible to experience different coaches and teammates throughout their years in FGFS.

How do I find out if games are rained out?

Game cancellations can occur due to weather, or poor field playing conditions from previous weather events.

All cancellations will be communicated in the following ways:

1.  A league wide email will go out to all families

2.  Cancellations and game status updates will be posted on the homepage of the website www.framinghamsoftball.org 

Are rained out games made up?

The league will schedule make up games due to rain outs when possible. The division commissioner will notify the coach's of the date, time and location of all make up games. It will then be the coach's responsibility to notify their team of the same.   

Are scores and standings kept for the games?

In the younger leagues no score is kept.

In Junior B, Junior A, and Senior Leagues, scores and standings are kept throughout the season followed by a 1-2 week playoff tournament, depending on the number of teams at a given level.