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We are pleased to announce the opening of the 2020 Fusion Online Uniform store.  We have been working hard over the last 2 months updating the style of the Fusion game uniforms.  We had a lot of input from players and coaches...Thank you.   The store will be open for 1 month (Dec 8th)  it is CRITICAL that all players get their uniforms on order before Dec 8th.   The lead time is 6-8 weeks and we want to have the uniforms ready for picture day in February.   A couple of things to remember:

  • You only need to buy what you need (i.e. The Camo shirt is the same as this year so returning players do not need to order a new one unless they want to)  This is the same for the black and/or graphite pants

Here are the mandatory items: 

  • Camo Jersey--for NEW PLAYERS 
  • New Black Jersey --ALL PLAYERS 
  • New White Jersey ( Last names on the back..make sure spelling is correct) 
  • Socks--we are moving to a new Mizuno sock--every player needs at least 1 pair of each color ( black and royal) 
  • Pants--we are offering players the opportunity to choose between Mizuno or Champro Black / royal pants...This is a player decision.   The grey pants are special order for either company and requires a minimum order... More importantly, the colors did NOT match...two different pantone colors... This is not the case with the Black Pants. Therefore returning players do not need to order new pants unless they need to. 
  • the rest of the items are considered "optional"

 Attached HERE (Will open an Excel Spreadsheet) is the uniform size matrix for the Mizuno pants and jersey samples.  For those not listed I did look back comparing the sizes from the fall orders as well as last year and notice that the sizes are consistent. Therefore, if you don't see a size next to your name I would recommend ordering the size you currently wear.  Again, the Mizuno pant is optional.  If you would prefer to wear the Champro Black pant that is your choice. If you would like to schedule time for a fitting, please coordinate this with your head coach...  

Any questions, please let me know! 

Coach Pete