The following are B’nai Brith Basketball rules that all teams need to follow in order to have an efficiently run league and an enjoyable season.  This is a community league and we look to promote fair play and community spirit. Please remember when you are on the court you are a representative of B’nai Brith Canada. All players have signed a waiver stating: I am at least 18 years of age, of the Jewish faith, and pledge to support the ideals and purposes of B'nai Brith Canada.

The league has the right to balance divisions in ways it sees fit, in the best interest of competition and the league itself.

To be eligible to play in BBSC Basketball, a player must be a member in good standing with BBC and has provided documentation that they have received a second COVID-19 vaccination shot, prior to October 15, 2021. 



Two technical fouls in any game = automatic ejection plus a 1 game minimum suspension. Any two technical or unsportsmanlike combination = atuomatic ejection. 

  • 1st technical foul on a player costs the TEAM $10 out of its $100 Technical Foul Deposit 
  • 2nd technical foul on same player costs the TEAM $20
  • 3rd technical foul on same player costs the TEAM $30 (Add $10 each new tech) etc…
  • 4th technical foul on same player AUTOMATIC 2 game suspension
  • 8th technical foul on same player an AUTOMATIC suspension for remainder of the season & playoffs, plus a discipline hearing and potential future suspensions

B’nai Brith will not tolerate any verbal/physical abuse of refs or opposing players. Any disciplinary actions will be handed out by the director of BBSC.

No Dunking or Hanging on rims – Technical fouls will be assessed.


A default occurs when a team has fewer then 4 players of which 3 are on the team roster to start a game. OR Canceling a game with less than 48 hours notice. OR not showing up for a game.

A default fee of $50 will be deducted from the default fund.

If anytime in the season, a TEAM has cumulatively gone over its $100 TECH FOUL DEPOSIT, the coach must pay excess fines before the TEAMs next game. – if not paid TEAM DEFAULTS.




Two - 30 sec. time outs in the first half, Two – 30 sec. time outs in the second half with no carry over of 1st half timeouts.

OVERTIME - ONE ADDITIONAL - 30 second time out.



Any paid-up member of B’nai Brith is eligible to play for a team under the following circumstances:

  • A Team may start and continue to play a game with 4 PLAYERS.(new for 2020) 3 players must be on the Team Roster or Default.
  • Player has completed a waiver form provided by BBSC.
  • Players may fill in for the 5th/6th player to represent a full team – leniency is allowed for special circumstances (i.e. for injuries.) Special permission must be in writing by Director of BBSC.
  • Eligible players may fill in during the regular season only. (Not in the playoffs, unless special consideration has been granted by the league executive in advance.)


  • Games will start on time. Clock will START as soon at the Referee is present. 15 SECOND WARNING TO TEAMS.
  • Games will consist of two 15-minute stop time halves.
  • Stop time will occur on all calls by the ref.  During the final 2 minutes of the second half, stop time will include baskets when the point spread is 10 or less.
  • Bonus Free Throws: 1+1 starting on the 7th team foul of half, 2 throws starting with the 10th team foul.
  • Two (2) Time outs per half – no carry over.  One (1) remaining in last 2 minutes of play only.
  • One (1) Time out for overtime – no carry over.
  • Half time to consist of a 60 second break.
  • Tied games will result in one 2-minute overtime period. If game is still tied, game is over.
  • INSIDE Key (2nd court) and WE USE the Inside 3 Point line. US/NCAA /BBSC 

SAFETY FIRST:  Kippahs may be worn when playing, however, no metal clips are allowed.  You may use tape, Velcro or some other non-metallic fastener.

UNIFORMS:  All players must be wearing the same color uniform on a team. Each jersey must have a number on the back minimum 6”.  In an emergency, you may use tape on the back of a jersey or MARKER on a T-Shirt.

Teams should fasten a B’nai Brith logo crest to the front chest or sleeve of a T-Shirt when provided by BBSC.



Players can warm up in the “cages” if available.

All teams will make the playoffs. Regular season is 14 games + First round elimination game. (Total 15)

Playoffs will consist of a Semi-Finals 1-4, 2-3 (1 game, winner moves to FINALS), and FINALS (Best 2 of 3)

All games are played on the next available open court date regardless of day.



1 - Winning Percentage
2. - Number of wins (used only if tied teams have played the same number of games) otherwise move to #3
3. - Head to head record
4. - Total score differential in the head to head games
5. - Fewest forfeits during the season
6. - Fewest ejections during the season
7. - Fewest Tech. Fouls during the season
8. - Coin Toss