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Individual registraion is open for Winter Training

Click Registration at the top of the menu and scoll all the way down


Hi Parents - 

Thank you for your patience as we work through the winter training schedule and updates.  Due to the number of registrations and maximizing time efficiently for Sandlot coaches, we have had to make small adjustments to the schedule.  I also wanted to clarify the timing and the cage breakdown.  

In the new schedule, we have shifted the start times by 2 hours to allow for morning sports to be completed on Saturdays.  Also our largest group is the 5-7U athletes in which we broke in to 2 time frames for efficiency.  As a highlight:

If your athlete is in the 5U-9U age group, your start time is Saturday 1pm and your practice goes until 3pm. There is a caveat to ages 5U-7U as follows for Sunday.

If your athlete is 10U-12U age group, your start time is Saturday 3pm and your practice goes until 5pm. 

If your athlete is 13U-14U age group, your start time is Sunday 10am and your practice goes until 12pm.  Due to the number of registrations between 5U-7U, this is an alternate practice for those whom cannot participate in the Saturday session.  

Please note as a 5U-7U athlete, you can only attend ONE session.  Depending on your schedule or coach. 

What does the break down mean?  

There are 3 stations to winter training defined by either cages and factory.  Each of the age groups will be broken up in to 3 smaller groups (accordingly with similar age) that will rotate at 40 minute intervals to conclude 2 hours of winter training.  Sandlot will assist in explaining each station, coach and where to start when arriving.

I'm hoping this helps explain a little bit before Saturday.  I have been working closely with Chris today to ensure this process is smooth for each of you and your athletes.  He will also be sending out communication prior to Saturday to fill in any additional gaps of infomation from what I have been able to provide here.

Just in case you need the location again, the address is: 520 Topeka Way, Castle Rock, CO 80109

Additionally, please ensure your athlete is dressed in comfortable athletic gear.  Could be shorts/tee/pants, something flexible to work out in.  As for footwear sneakers please as this is an indoor facility and not cleats are needed (turf shoes are OK), bat, glove, and helmet.  

Thanks and please let me know if I can help with anything else in the meantime.