The Arlington Youth Lacrosse Club (AYLC) is a parent sponsored and administered club run for the purpose of helping boys and girls learn the sport of lacrosse in a positive environment emphasizing the development of teamwork, good sportsmanship and athlet

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AFH Brings home the wins!
Three teams accomplished their first wins this past weekend.  The Pita Chips (7th/8th grade team) The Warriors (5th/6th), and The Wolves (3rd/4th).   Congratulations to the players who have worked so hard.  Thank you to the coaches who are donating time and energy to help make this happen.  The Pita Chips are shown here with some well-deserved smiles. Great Job, Ladies!!!
Arlington Field Hockey Launches Inaugural Weekend!


     This past weekend, AFH completed our first weekend of games, and it was a tremendous success!  Huge thanks to Yorktown Field Hockey who came out AGAIN to set up our fields and help our coaches run the games.   Please continue to show them any support you can.  They deserve it.


     All ran smoothly, and no matter if it was a 3rd grader out on the field for the first time, or an 8th grader playing for AFH, after finishing her JV HS game, it was field hockey.  Field Hockey in Arlington!  And it all began with our first Golden Ball, awarded to the player scoring the first goal in the team's first game in the first year of AFH.  The first Golden Ball was earned by 34Team Black, Callie Kaplan.  

     Soon followed by 56Team Gold, Emma Teeuwen.  A surprise winner from 56Team Black was Lena Sullivan (a 4th grader who was helping out and playing up an age group, because the team was short a few players).  56Team Grey's Ada Jordan wanted to be sure she got the golden ball by not just scoring once, but twice back-to-back! 
     A quick Golden Ball went to 34Team Gold's Caroline Haynes and the final Golden Ball of Saturday was earned by 34Team Grey's Lindy Curtin.  

     Sunday's game kept us all anxious (I know all of AFH was desperate to hear who would grab the golden ball for the 78Teams.  The text messages back and forth were ferocious.) But not a single goal was scored by 78Team Grey or 78Team Gold, as both games ended in 0-0 ties.  


    Would a 7th or 8th grader get a golden ball?  The question hung in the air all day, and many, many people had trouble relaxing and enjoying their Sunday afternoon...I'm sure.  As we waited on pins and needles.  With one team left to play, who would it be?  Would it happen at all?  


     The tension was thick in the air, the crowd was restless, but 78Team Black finally broke the stalemate, and in the final game of the weekend, Delaney Sinton delivered us a Golden Ball.  Proud Dad, Coach Hal, watched from the sideline as she forgot to pick up her ball and return it to the center of the field, as is customary for the scoring player.  It was glorious.  I think a live marching band started playing somewhere off screen, and fireworks may have begun.  Or at least, I'm sure that's how it was in everyone's mind.


     It was a great weekend to play field hockey.  Field hockey in ARLINGTON!!


     Here's to 2019, our inaugural year!


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