Southern Elite Lacrosse

We see potential in YOU.

We promise not to make ultimate judgments about your lacrosse ability

until you’ve had a chance to grow and mature, learn and develop.

We will allow you space to try other sports and physical activities in addition to lacrosse.

We will also allow you time to rest and recover.

Competition will be first and foremost about your development as a lacrosse player.

Winning comes second until it really counts, and at that point we want to have prepared you to be the best competitor you can be.

We will provide you with coaches who understand you on this journey of growing up,

growing into an athlete and what it means for your development as a lacrosse player.

We will have high expectations of you but we will not expect you to do things you’re not developmentally ready for.

We see you as an athlete and desire that you see yourself that way too.

The confidence you learn here will stick with you for life, no matter what physical activity or challenge you take on.

We will design your lacrosse experience to most of all be fun –

not what we think is fun but what you think is fun – even when it requires hard work.

We know you want opportunities to try your hardest and to receive meaningful feedback from your coaches.

We will strive to provide that to you.

We want to help you be the best lacrosse player you can be today but also set you up to succeed in the future – in life and in lacrosse.