Concussion Awareness
Nashoba FC views player safety to be of the utmost importance.  
Our policy is the immediate removal of any player from training or games who sustains a significant blow to the head, who complains about or who is showing symptoms consistent with having suffered a concussion.
Any player suspected of suffering a concussion will not be allowed to return to play until he/she is cleared by a licensed healthcare professional, such as an athletic trainer certified (ATC) or physician (MD/DO), with skills in emergency care, sports medicine injuries and experience related to concussion evaluation and management. 
No coach, parent/guardian or player may overrule the healthcare professional.
We strongly advise players and parents to educate themselves as much as possible by reviewing the information on the link below:


Everyone that has someone in sports should view this video on recognizing and managing concussions. It is presented by US Soccer and highlights the important role parents, players, coaches, referees and health professionals play in the return to play process.