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How To Identify The Right Program For You?

What is your current skill level?

Where do you want to be?

What type of opponent would you face at various skill level competitions?

How much time, money, and effort do typical opponents invest at various skill levels?

Super Elite ~ wrestlers are year-round in folkstyle and freestyle with 4+ years experience plus camps and personal training
Elite ~ events where most wrestlers are year-round in folkstyle and freestyle with 4+ years experience plus attend camps
Advanced ~ events where wrestlers typically have 4+ years of prior experence (horizontal line denotes where hotel may be needed)
Experienced ~ events where wrestlers are strong athletes with 2+ years or prior experience
Novice ~ events where wrestlers are typically in their first or second year of wrestling
Assume listed events are comprised of both ES and MS unless otherwise stated
Bold denotes mainstream league commitments whereas all others are extra events paid by parents (w/ a few exceptions)
Underline denotes activities as additional or complimentary events
Event or league skill level merely shows the median, there are kids with skill levels above and below the stated level
Both MDWL and NVWF have kids with as much as 8 prior years of experience, however, MDWL has a greater number of "advanced" kids
Hotels typically become necessary for weighins the night prior to advanced tournaments
Entrant logistics describes on average what wrestlers are willing to do to attend the events
Training denotes the quality of practices, instruction, and partners Dulles and Rangers provide in order to compete at this skill level
Q&A denotes that Dulles and Rangers have access to persons at the specified skill levels
Events means that Dulles either provides this level directly or through partnerships with Rangers, FCA, or other clubs
"1" denotes access via partnerships otherwise Dulles provides it directly
Dulles has access to college level wrestlers and coaches for Division 1, 2, 3 levels for those interested in talking about it
Anything seen as "Open-X" means it is an open tournament for anyone (for example, Open-N means novice tournament)