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 Edit member contact information or add new family member

 Performed By 

 Registered Member or Parent


 Must be completed by a previously registered member

 Tab Name

 "Edit My Account"



  1. Log into your account.
  2. On the left menu bar, click Edit My Account
  3. This takes you to a Family page.
  4. Hover over an existing Member Name and click to edit or Add a Guardian or Child to an existing account.
  5. If the purpose is to add another email to an account, an alternative to Add a Guardian is to add an additional email address behind a current one (simply separate with a common or semi-colon).



  1. Even if an email is listed in multiple member accounts, an email is only sent once to that address.
  2. Checking "Do Not Email" means ALL accounts with that email address listed will not receive ANY email correspondence or game/practice notifications.


Detailed instructions can be found under the Document Library (left menu bar).  Scroll down to VLC Editing Member Accounts and Notifications.