Premier youth lacrosse club in santa monica and los angeles, offering training and teams for beginners, as well as recreational and advanced players.


As a 501 c(3) we take our social responsibility seriously. Our mission is:


“To teach boys and girls life skills through lacrosse, develop players into hard working student athletes of character and integrity, and create pathways for young people to succeed.”


To that end we run numerous programs to support our young athletes. One of the newer ones is called Big Brother, which allows responsible 8th graders to mentor elementary school players. Under the direction of Connor Buss, our Big Brothers work closely with the coaching staff to provide direct support at practice, especially to those players that can’t afford lessons. The Big Brothers provide one-on-one attention and skills training, they’re someone for younger players to talk to, and they assist in the overall development of the team.


In order to become a Big Brother, a player needs to be in 8th grade. He needs to have a recommendation from his coach and he needs to be mature, responsible, patient, have a positive attitude and the ability to connect with younger kids.


Sessions take place twice a week through May 21, 2017. We'll publish our Big Brother summer program info in early June.


For questions about Big Brother, please contact