Premier youth lacrosse club in santa monica and los angeles, offering training and teams for beginners, as well as recreational and advanced players.









We offer a wide range of programming for advanced players throughout most of the year so you can play as little or as much as you like. Programs for advanced players are built around rigorous training and high-level competition. 


We offer quite a bit of programming in the Fall, even though it is a very busy time of the year with other sports as well. Our two core products are Box Lacrosse and Fall Recruiting for our most advanced HS Elite players. Box lacrosse is a Canadian version of lacrosse typically played in a rink, not on a field, in a 5v5 format. We play in the Orange County Box Lacrosse League, which is the most competitive league in LA. We have also started offering an East Coast Fall Recruiting trip for Dragons looking to play at the next level. 2017 was our first year and we were able to get all of our players college looks. The last thing we offer in the Fall is 2 Fall Ball tournaments that any HS player can join to get extra training and game experience. 


In the Winter we offer a compact tournament season that combines recruiting with high level competition. We end in early January to give our HS players a chance to concentrate on preparations for their school season.


In the Summer we offer another compact regional tournament schedule that focuses on the team experience, recruiting and high-level competition. We will also be adding another East Coast trip that combines showcase and tournament participation, with an East Coast experience, similar to the Fall Recruiting trip.