CCYHA Organizational Commitment - CCYHA Strives to Offer a Friendly Environment Which Ensures Continuous Development Through Experienced Quality Coaching and Organizational Leadership



CCYHA's Board of Trustees


Current trustees

  Name Term Expires
1 Dean Kobs 2022
2 Shannen Rook 2022
3 Brian Russo 2022
4 Andy Bethune 2023
5 Jonathan Thackeray 2023
6 Amy Weeks 2023
7 Bryon Moore 2023
8 Craig Hagkull 2024
9 Jeremy Burke 2024
10 Denise Alig 2024
11 Brian Supsak 2024


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Overview of Structure
CCYHA leadership consists of the Board of Trustees and the Officers of the Board.
The Board of Trustees is made up of 11 elected Trustees and 1 ex-officio Trustee
Board Trustees are elected by the members in good standing each year.  Each Trustee is elected to a three year term, unless a vacant postion is being filled with more than 1 year remaining in the term.
Board Officers are elected by the Board Trustees and consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, DOO, Ice Scheduler, Girls' Hockey Liason, USA Hockey Liason, Grievance Coordinator/Risk Manager and other Officer positions as determined by the Board Trustees. 
All General Sessions conducted by the Board are open to all members in good standing of CCYHA.  Meetings of the Executive Session are closed and consist of Board Trusees and Officers of the Board.  The Board meets once a month and handles various items throughout the calendar year.
The Board and it’s Trustees govern, set policy and generally oversee the business of the organization.
The Board is charged with running over 55 different teams at various levels, including: House, Select, Travel Blue Jackets, The Girls' Blue Jackets and the Special Needs Hockey program. CCYHA runs its own house program.
Travel teams participate in the Buckeye Travel League, Cleveland Suburban League, Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League, Great Lakes Hockey League or play independent schedules.
Some highlights of Board responsibilities include:
  • Ice procurement and scheduling
  • Referee scheduling
  • Tournament planning and execution
  • House league planning and execution
  • Travel season planning
  • Apparel procurement
  • Sponsorship
  • Coach selection
  • Coach certification
  • Grievance oversight
  • Community philanthropic ventures and fundraising
  • USA hockey registration, background checks, etc.
  • Travel team tryout planning and execution
  • House evaluation planning and execution
  • Meeting with BTHL, CSHL, CAHA, CTH and EYHA throughout the year
  • Management of the Sting women’s hockey program
  • Management of the Special Needs hockey program




Meetings are typically held the third Wednesday of every month at the Dublin Chiller.  For confirmation of meeting dates and times, please contact the CCYHA President.


6:30 PM to 7:00 PM - Executive Session (Board Trustees and Officers Only)

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM - General Session (open to all members


Board Minutes are available upon request.