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Interested in summer but have some questions?


 2023 Summer Schedule, Ages 8-16

9U - 12U, Small Diamond

15U, 16U, 60/90 Big Diamond


Summer Baseball F.A.Q’s

1. Who should participate – Today's registration is open for ages 8-16. Anyone who is 8 years old up to 16 years old should register regardless of skill and experience. The more players who register the more opportunities we have to place people regardless of skill. 

2. Why should you play -- Summer baseball allows players to use what they learn in the spring. It is a great opportunity to reinforce things that were learned and see how baseball is played in other towns.

3. How long is the season – The summer travel season lasts for ~ 6 weeks (After Father's Day–end of July) and typically 12 games. Games are played on M - F with typically a 5:45 PM start. Games are both home and traveling to other surrounding towns. Teams likely will practice 1 day a week (maybe a 2nd on a weekend day).

4. Team Selection – Players are placed on teams based on spring season and evaluations done by spring coaches, summer coaches, and the VP-Baseball. Evaluation day is Sunday, May 28th and Saturday, June 3rd at Deb Sampson fields (TBA). This allows the league to ascertain how many teams we might be fielding for summer and which summer leagues would be the best fit. While participation is NOT required to make a team, it is strongly recommended to allow managers/leagues to evaluate players in this setting.

5. Will there be cuts? -- Again, depends on our registration numbers. We will try to create multiple teams within an age group if we can, but it all depends on who/how many sign up.

6. What if I can’t attend evaluations? -- We will try our best to place every interested player on a team. Attending evaluations allow us to help properly place players. If you are unable to attend the evaluation, we will use the spring season (or last season played in SYBSA) as a measurement.

7. Vacation & Camp – Summer travel season is short and competitive and if families are expecting to leave for more than a week of time (i.e. 7 – 10 days) within the season, then they should not register. However, if it is just a week, then they should be encouraged to still register, but recognize that the player will be welcomed back to finish the season, but not necessarily start right back in their old position from which they left. This isn’t a punishment, but an acknowledgment to those players who fill in the gap. There is also a spectrum to this rule based on which level of competition. Lots of kids go to day camp and play evening baseball; it can be done! They have lots of energy!

8. What league will we play in? -- Small Diamond divisions will play in the Suburban Summer League.  Big Diamond divisions, depends on how many players register and how many teams we can field. We are TBD on Big Diamond Divisions until we know our registration numbers.