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2017-18 Travel Team Coaches

Beginning with the 2017-18 Season USA Hockey has deprecated use of "Mite", "Squirt", etc. for classification of teams by age group.

They are included below for reference.

Team Birth Year Coaches
Blades 7U Gold (Mite) 2010  Frank Latuca / Jeri Rippon  Season Plans
Blades 8U Red (Mite) 2009-2010  Adam Welz  Season Plans
Monarchs 9U AAA (Squirt Minor) 2008  Mike Dossier
Blades 9U AA (Squirt Minor) 2008  Tim Finke
Monarchs 10U AAA (Squirt Major) 2007  Ryan Gage
Blades Blue 10U AAA/AA (Squirt Major) 2007  Jason MacBride
Blades 10U AA (Squirt Major) 2007  Matthew Chilbert
Monarchs 11U AAA (Pee Wee Minor) 2006  Mike Sippel
Blades Blue 11U AAA/AA (Pee Wee Minor) 2006  Mike Napieralski  Season Plans (updated 3/14)
Blades 11U AA (Pee Wee Minor) 2006  Jeffrey Smith
Monarchs 12U AAA (Pee Wee Major) 2005  Francois Methot / Chris Palmer
Blades Blue 12U AAA/AA (Pee Wee Major) 2005  Terry Nau
Monarchs 13U AAA (Bantam Minor) 2004  Scott Nichol
Blades 13U AAA/AA PLA (Bantam Minor) 2004  Rory Fitzpatrick  Season Plans
Blades 13U AAA/AA RIC (Bantam Minor) 2004  Mike Militello / Ed Giggie  Season Plans (updated 4/8 4:00 pm, now a PDF file)
Monarchs 14U AAA Gold (Bantam Major) 2003

 HC: Scott Nichol

 AC: Francois Methot, Ryan Gage

Monarchs 14U AAA Blue (Bantam Major) 2003  Steve Zanon and Todd Brost
Blades 14U AA (Bantam Major) 2003  TBD - team will be formed if there is enough interest
Monarchs 15 'Pure' AAA 2002  Mark Hogan / Jamie Bird Season Plans (updated 3/30 7:30pm)  Coaching Staff
Blades 15 'Pure' AA 2002  Karl Schlifke
Jr Monarchs 16U AAA USPHL (high school friendly) 2001-2002  Craig Chamberlain   Season Plans
Blades 16U AA 2001-2002  Michael Braunschweig
Monarchs 17U Girls Tier I (split season) 2000-200#

 HC: Tosh Farrell, AC: Don Vaccarelli

Jr Monarchs 18U AAA USPHL (split season) 1999-2000  HC: Brian Bailey, AC: Phil Roe  Season Plans (added 4/3)
Blades 18U AA 1999-2000  Michael Ferreri


Note:  Teams may be added based on number of players and skill level of players at tryouts.