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Officers Name Email
President Erik Langsdorf langs@mnll.org 
Vice President Vincent Leo vp@mnll.org
Treasurer Jason Pedalino
Secretary / Communication Director Pete Singlis secretary@mnll.org
Safety Director Jack Graham safety@mnll.org
Player Agent Zac Hoover playeragentbb@mnll.org 
Baseball Player and Coach Development Erik Langsdorf langs@mnll.org
Softball Player and Coach Development VACANT  
League Directors Name Email
Softball Operations Director Erik Langsdorf/ Rob Murphy



Baseball Operations Director Vincent Leo vp@mnll.org
Minor AAA Baseball Director Chris Hofman/ Marc Bermudez  
Minor AA -A Baseball Director VACANT  
Juniors-Majors Softball Director VACANT  
Minors-Instructional Softball Director VACANT  
Committee Chairs Name Email
Baseball Scheduling Coordinator VACANT/ Dave Hudak  
Sponsors Marc Bermudez sponsors@mnll.org
Information Communication Lead Cecily Lee  
Baseball Facilities Supervisors VACANT  
Baseball Equipment Jack Graham equipment@mnll.org 
Softball Facilities Supervisor Rob Murphy  
Softball Equipment Rob Murphy  
Burnham Snack Stand  Marissa Loiacano  
Vets Snack Stand Shannon Hoover sbsnackstand@mnll.org
Challenger Day Scott Giammarino sgiammarino@verizon.net 
Fundraising Lead VACANT  
Fall Baseball Coordinators VACANT fallbaseball@mnll.org
Fall Softball Coordinators VACANT fallsoftball@mnll.org
All-Star Baseball Coordinator VACANT  
All-Star Softball Coordinator VACANT  
Banquet Books VACANT  
Uniforms Coordinator  VACANT uniforms@mnll.org