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LYBSA Travel Tournament Rules


Policies and Procedures

1. LYBSA tournament management will make every effort to treat all teams with fairness.  If questions or disputes arise about policies and procedures, coaches shall bring them to the attention of the Tournament Director to be dealt with.  Any interpretation and decision of the Tournament Director shall be final. 

2. Umpires have been assigned to each game.  Coaches should treat them with respect.  With regard to on-field calls, the decision of the umpires shall be final.  

3. All teams MUST check in upon arrival to verify their Roster and Team Insurance.  Once a roster is verified, it is frozen for that weekends’ tournament.  

4.  Teams shall arrive on site 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, as games may start prior to published times.  Teams may start and finish games with eight (8) uniformed and roster players.  If a team has to play with eight (8) players, the ninth spot in the batting order is an automatic out.  If a ninth uniformed and roster player arrives, that player may be inserted into the ninth spot in the batting order and the automatic out shall stop.  If a team has seven (7) or less uniformed and roster players to start a game, or at any point during the game, the game shall be declared a forfeit.  The forfeit score shall be 7-0 for tiebreaker purposes.     

5. The home team for pool games shall be determined by a coin flip.  The team that has traveled the greatest distance will call the flip.  Either an umpire or a member of tournament management must be present for the flip.  The higher seed based upon the original seeding will be the home team throughout the playoffs. 

6. Teams should fill first and third base dugouts on a first come, first served basis, irrespective of home and away designation.  If a team has back to back games on the same field, they should always remain in the same dugout, to avoid the extra time involved in moving bags, etc.

7. There will be no infield practice.  Teams are allowed to play catch in the outfield area if the time allows.  Never do flip drills into fences or step on foul lines.

 8. Home Team will keep the game card and will record innings pitched by player for both teams. Cards will be turned into the umpires. Umpires will turn-in all completed game cards to the Tournament Director. Since tiebreakers often come into play, accurate score reporting is critical.   

9. If a tiebreaker is needed to determine playoff teams, the following tiebreakers shall be used:

a. Overall won-lost record

                b. Head-to-head (only applies when two teams are involved)

c. Least number of runs allowed throughout the tournament

d. Total runs scored

e. Coin flip

11. The Tournament Director may modify the number or length of games when necessary due to weather, field conditions, or scheduling issues.  This includes modifying the time limit if games get backed up.   

12. Home team shall provide one (1) parent or volunteer to assist with scoreboard operation, etc. as needed.   Please remember the scoreboards are not required but are a privilege at our park.  If issues arise they will be shut off.

 13. All teams are required to adhere to local park policies and ordinances. Pets and Alcohol and/or tobacco shall not be brought into the confines of the tournament venue and will not be tolerated.  The Head Coach shall be ultimately responsible and accountable for the conduct of his players, assistant coaches, and spectators.


Rosters and Birth Dates


1. A player may only be on one roster in any given tournament, regardless of age division, except as described below in Section 2.

2. It is common in the 14U age division for teams to have a hybrid of high school and non-high school players.  Since high school players are often not eligible for travel baseball until late May, 13U players may be listed on both a 13U and a 14U roster in any given tournament.  This only applies to the 14U age division and only applies prior to June 1 of any given year.  In the event that a 13U player is going to “play up” with a 14U team, the start of a game is not to be held up to wait for players coming from other games.  

3. While we encourage teams to have matching player uniforms, there is no penalty for players on a roster that participate with a different jersey and/or different numbers than listed on the roster.

4. The birthday age cutoff is April 30.  Each Head Coach MUST have copies of player birth certificates on hand at every game, and shall be prepared to present them to the Tournament Director upon request.


      Playing Rules

The official playing rules for the tournament shall be the NFHS (high school) rules with the following exceptions:


1. Length of Game

       Ages 8U-12U will play six (6) innings; ages 13U and above will play seven (7) innings.

 2.  Batting Order and Extra Players 

       15U and above shall follow NFHS rules regarding Batting Order, Extra Players and Substitutions.

In the 8U-14U Age Divisions, teams have the following three (3) options with regard to batting order and extra players:


     a) Straight Nine:  Nine (9) players in the batting order and listed on the lineup card.  No designated hitter.  All other players are substitutes, subject to the NFHS substitution rules (starter can re-enter into his original spot once, etc.).

     b) Extra Hitter:  Ten (10) players in the batting order and listed on the lineup card.  No designated hitter.  Free substitution (defensive players) among the ten (10) players listed on the batting order.  All other players are substitutes and subject to the NFHS substitution rules (starter can re-enter into his original spot once, etc.).

    c) Continuous batting order:  All players in uniform (unless injured) in the batting order and listed on the lineup card.  If a late player arrives after the lineup cards are exchanged, then the player must be entered into the last spot in the batting order.  Free defensive substitution for all players throughout the game. 

    d) Designated hitter (DH): The DH is a player who is in the lineup, but who does not play on defense. The DH can bat for any defensive player. Whenever the DH enters the game defensively, the DH position is terminated for the remainder of the game.

The Head Coach shall declare his choice to the opposing coach and the umpire(s) during the plate meeting prior to each game.  Once a declaration is made, it cannot be changed for that game

3. Pitching Limitations

       9u-10u Pitchers can pitch a maximum of 8 innings for the weekend. One pitch is considered a inning.

       11u-12u  Pitchers can pitch a maximum of 10 innings for the weekend. One pitch is considered a inning.

       13u-15u Pitchers can pitch a maximum of 12 innings for the weekend. One pitch is considered a inning.

4. Intentional Walks

There will be no pitches thrown to intentionally walk a batter.  Notify the umpire, and the batter will be awarded first base.

5. Courtesy Runners

  Courtesy runners are optional at any time for the pitcher and catcher.  The courtesy runner shall be a player not currently in the lineup. If a team is batting their entire roster, the courtesy runner shall be the last batted out. The pitcher or catcher for this rule is the pitcher or catcher of the previous inning.  If this situation arises in the first inning and no outs have been recorded, the pitcher or catcher shall remain on the bases until an out is recorded.

6. Metal Spikes and Footwear  

Metal spikes are not allowed in age groups 8U-12U.  Likewise, metal spikes are generally prohibited for all ages on fields with synthetic turf, and/or fields with portable pitching mounds.  Any athlete that may play on a synthetic turf field and/or be called to pitch on a portable pitching mound must be prepared with non-metal footwear.  Acceptable footwear in these cases includes turf shoes, plastic cleats, molded cleats, or gym shoes.

 7.  Bat Restrictions 

      Ages  8U-14U:  Bats must be stamped either 1.15 BPF or USA Baseball and will have no weight drop restriction.  Alternatively, BBCOR and/or wood bats may be used.

     Age 15U:  Bats must be BBCOR certified.  All BBCOR aluminum bats are limited to -3 drop and must be stamped BBCOR Certified per NFHS rule.  Alternatively, wood bats may be used.



8.  Time Limits

The game start time shall begin with the first warm up pitch.  The home plate umpire or base umpire shall monitor the official time, and it is preferred that the time be announced publicly to minimize confusion later. 

a)       8u: No NEW inning will start after 1 hr 15 minutes for all pool play and bracket play games. Ties will end in a tie for ALL Pool Play games.

b)       9u-12u:  No NEW inning will start after 1 hr 25 minutes for all pool play and bracket play games. Ties will end in a tie for ALL Pool Play games.

c)       13u-15u:  No NEW inning will start after 1 hr 35 minutes for all pool play and bracket play games. Ties will end in a tie for ALL Pool Play games.

d)       If a Bracket game is tied after the time limit expires or when the regulation innings have been completed, the following tiebreaker will be used.  In the first extra inning and every ½ inning thereafter, each team will start with a man on second base and 1 out.  The base runner will be the last batted out from the previous inning.  Each batter will start with a 1-1 count.  The game will continue in this format until a winner is determined.    

e)       No Time limit for championship game.

The Tournament Director reserves the right to modify time limits in the event of weather or scheduling issues.


9.  Mercy Rules

 Mercy rules shall be twelve (12) runs after 3 innings, ten (10) runs after 4 innings, and eight (8) runs after 5 innings.  Mercy rules shall be in effect for all games, including the championship game.  

10.  Base Distances and Field Dimensions

Every effort will be made to make sure base distances, pitching distances, and field dimensions are accurate. 

  8u: 46/60

 9u: 46/60 or 65

 10u: 46/65

 11u-12u: 50/70

 13u: 54/80

 14u-15u: 60/90

11.  8u Division only: 

        a) Runners shall not lead-off or steal bases

         b) There will be no dropped third strike.

        c) Pitching machine will be set at 40mph at 46 feet.

        d) Two bunts per inning per team

        e) Team may intentionally walk one batter per game

        f) A team may score a maximum of seven (7) runs per inning .except in the last inning of play.

       g) Ten (10) defensive players shall play in the field with four (4) outfielders.  The fourth (4th) outfielder shall not assume an infield position.  All outfielders shall stay behind the baseline

        h) Umpires shall call “Time” after every play and declare the ball dead.  “Time” shall be called as soon as the all runners are not attempting to advance.  “Time” does not have to be called by the defense for the purpose of this rule

        i) The Infield Fly Rule shall not be in effect at any time.

        j) Defensive coaches shall not be allowed on the field of play and shall coach from the dugout.    


12.  9U Division:

       a) Leadoffs are permitted.

       b) There will be no dropped third strike.

        c) Umpires shall issue one balk warning per pitcher before enforcing any balk penalty.

 13. Ejections

 If a coach is ejected from a game, he will be suspended for the remainder of the game and for the next game the team plays.  If a player is ejected during a game, he will be suspended for the remainder of the game.  If a team is batting their entire lineup and/or no substitutes are available, the name of the ejected player will remain in the batting order and count as an out when the batting order reaches that player.

14. Injuries and Early Departures 

 If a player becomes injured (as ruled by the umpire) and is unable to continue playing, his spot in the batting order shall be skipped and count as an out when the batting order reaches that player unless the team has a legal/available substitute. Once an injured player leaves the batting order, he is done for the remainder of that game.

15. Game Called Due to Weather or Field Conditions

A game will be considered complete if weather, darkness or field conditions prevent the game from being completed:

6-inning game = 3 innings or 2 ½ if home team is leading, will constitute a completed game. 7-inning game = 4 innings or 3 ½ if home team is leading, will determine a completed game.

If a game is not official as described above, the Tournament Director will either:

(a) Suspend the game and arrange to have it resumed where it left off, or  (b) cancel the game such that it does not count toward tournament standings.  

Should a Championship game be interrupted by weather, darkness or unplayable field conditions, and is not an official game per the above Rule, then the Championship team will be determined by the score at the end of the last full completed inning.  If score was tied at end of last completed inning or if the first inning of the game is not completed, the higher seed shall be named Champion.