2017 NYL Select Team Information - "DedWood"


This coming lacrosse season Dedham Youth Lacrosse and Norwood youth lacrosse are going to be offering our U13 and U15 players the opportunity to try out for our own select teams.  The teams will be called DedWood and most of our games will be played on Friday nights, but it is possible we will have a couple Saturday games.  This is a “play to win league” meaning there is a play off and a trophy at the end of the year.  It also means playing time is based on productivity.  Players that come to practice and are productive on the field will get more playing time.   In order to try out for the team you must be on a town “classic team”.  This team is not intended to replace your classic town team; it is in addition to it.  So your son would be committing himself to play (in total between town and select) 2 games a week along with 2-3 practices a week.   This team also comes with additional $150 expense to pay for coaches, uniforms, fields, and league expense.  Each team will have 3 coaches, one Dedham coach, one Norwood coach, and one hired coach.  The hired coach will be the head coach.  He will make all decisions on playing time.


Tryouts for U15 will be February 14th U13 tryouts will be on February 15th.  Tryouts will be held at Compete indoor sports 576 Pleasant St. Norwood.  Tryouts will start at 5pm sharp and will end at 6pm.  Please be ready to play at 5pm sharp.  If your son can not attend our tryout or will be late please contact us 48 hours prior to the tryout.  If your son is not ready to play at 5pm sharp we will take that into consideration when choosing our team.  We will select 20 players per team.  We are going to select the 20 best players, not 10 Dedham kids and 10 Norwood kids.  Our practice schedule has not been determined.  Every player should plan to commit to a minimum of 2 practices a week, one town practice and one select practice.  You will also be committing to 2 games per week, one select game on Fridays and one town game on Sunday.  Select lacrosse is for kids committed to lacrosse.


Below is a description of select lacrosse taken directly from the MBYLL web-site.  I have taken the liberty of deleting some parts of their description that does not apply to our towns.


U15 & U13 town-based competitive youth lacrosse program


Continue to grow the complementary MBYLL Select Lacrosse Program enabling MBYLL member towns an additional playing opportunity for their more experienced and committed U15 (7th & 8th grade) and U13 (5th & 6th grade) players during the spring season to practice and compete on a unified, town-based select team in regularly scheduled games vs. similar towns/teams/programs in & around eastern and central Massachusetts. The MBYLL Select Lacrosse Program will be a natural extension and fully integrated with the traditional MBYLL Town Program and will be guided by the same mission and goals of the MBYLL as a whole. The MBYLL Select Lacrosse Program will focus on: teaching the game while utilizing the best coaching & instructional tools available, adopting & following the PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) guidelines, and further developing the teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play and skill level of all players, all teams and all towns in the MBYLL.

The MBYLL Select Lacrosse Program practice & game schedule will not conflict with the MBYLL Town Program weekly practice & Sunday game schedule and is open to ALL interested towns. Again, players choosing to play on a MBYLL Select Lacrosse team MUST also play on their town’s traditional MBYLL Town team as well. To be clear, when we say they must play that means practice and play in the Sunday games or they are ineligible for Select games. Not following this rule would cause teams to forfeit games previously played.

MBYLL Select Rules Clarifications:

 If a player is ejected from a Select OR a Classic game:
The rule is that the player must sit out a Classic Sunday game AND the next Select Game. This was done because last year when the rule was a one game suspension the select players sat out a classic game and played in the next select game, so they did not feel punished.
One more thing, and this is on the Coach, but serving a suspension means being at the game in street clothes and supporting your team, not skipping the event.

If a Coach is ejected from a Select OR a Classic game
The rule is that he is not allowed to be at (coaching OR watching) the next Classic Sunday game AND the next Select Game.
Program Overview:

The MBYLL Select Lacrosse program is a separate and distinct program from the traditional MBYLL Town program (U15, U13, U11, U9) & Sunday game schedule or a towns weekend in-town recreational program.


MBYLL Select Lacrosse games in the spring will be held on Friday nights as a rule or alternatively Saturday or Monday nights. The MBYLL Select Lacrosse practice & game schedule will not conflict with the MBYLL Town practice or Sunday game schedule. The MBYLL Select Lacrosse program will have Division standings, playoffs, championships and an All-Star game at end of the season. Again, players choosing to participate in the MBYLL Select Lacrosse program MUST also play in their MBYLL Town program (minimum 1 practice & 1 game per week to be eligible) during spring season. This is a league rule and cannot be waived by town programs.

Team Composition, Player Eligibility & Selection Process:

The criteria for playing on MBYLL Select Lacrosse Team may vary from town to town, however as a guideline it is recommended that towns select players based on experience, skill level, desire & commitment. No town wants to exclude a player subjectively — rather the objective is to establish a base line for the needed experience level & commitment required to participate on one of these teams in this new MBYLL Select Lacrosse program. Some towns will choose to hold tryouts while others towns may have players & parents self select in to this new program with a clear understanding of the additional time commitment required. Town Program Directors also need to make sure they have the coaching resources & field space availability in their towns to accommodate the additional practices & games if they decide to participate in this program.

Note: While MBYLL Select Lacrosse teams may not necessarily involve player tryouts (again, decision is at the discretion of each town), many of the teams participating in the MBYLL Select Lacrosse program will be “select” teams at each level. If players meet the experience requirement, they should also have the desire & commitment to play on a town-based team before opting onto a MBYLL Select Lacrosse team.


MBYLL Select Lacrosse Program, League Structure & Spring Season Details

As a complementary component of the MBYLL, the MBYLL Select Lacrosse Program is a competitive league that stresses sportsmanship and fair play where every game is played with our ‘Spirit of the Game’ philosophy. Competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of respect between players, adherence to the rules and the basic joy of lacrosse. The MBYLL Select Lacrosse program is an extension of the MBYLL and its mission to teach, grow and honor the great game of lacrosse throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The MBYLL Select Lacrosse Season overview:

  • 7 regular season games

  • 1 tournament game (“win and stay in” tournament)

  • 1 All-Star game per age group

  • Each game will have two EMLOA Referee Officials

The MBYLL Select Lacrosse Structure:

  • Teams will be Town-based from MBYLL Programs*

  • *MBYLL Towns with less than two U15 or U13 teams can join with a neighboring program to enter a team. Towns cannot try to create a regional team!

  • Players MUST play in their MBYLL Town program (practice at least 1 night per week plus play in the Sunday Classic game to be eligible).

  • MBYLL Select Committee Region representatives we will work together to finalize & communicate any additional program details and, going forward, will consider & adapt this new program where needed.

MBYLL Select Lacrosse League Fees:

  • The fee for 2014 season will be $995 per team, which includes the league paying the Refs.   Home team responsible for game balls & timekeeper.

MBYLL Select Lacrosse Member Agreement:

  • Each town must provide a safe, regulation-sized lacrosse field at no cost to league for all home games.

  • Each player and coach must be a member of US Lacrosse and a member of MBYLL in good standing.

  • All coaches in the MBYLL Select Lacrosse program will be MBYLL-certified; preferably also USL certified. Coaches are expected to wear their certification lanyards around their neck and visible, not tucked under jackets.

  • If a town enters more than one MBYLL Select team at any age level, then those 2 or more teams must either play in different Divisions OR be evenly balanced by experience, skill, age & size (honor system).

  • MBYLL Select coach is expected to play all players on their bench—unless injured—in min. 2 qrtrs. per game. *Exceptions for coach, town or league enforcing a disciplinary action to a specific player—and player & his parent(s) have been notified—resulting in a player’s reduced game time or suspension.

  • Team Rosters, including coaches and managers, must be registered online on MBYLL Select Lacrosse website (www.mbyll.org). Any changes to a team’s roster during the season must be updated on the website by the coach or team manager as well as must be communicated to the head coach of the opposing team prior to any upcoming game.

MBYLL Select Lacrosse All-Star Games:

  • 1 to 2 players from each team are chosen to participate in the season-ending MBYLL Select All-Star Game (Team composition TBD: i.e. East vs. West or North vs. South or other).

  • The All-Star game will be played either prior to a Boston Cannons home game at Harvard Stadium OR at an alternative date/location TBA.

  • MBYLL Select Lacrosse will provide players with All-Star pinnies for the game (that players can keep).

  • The goalies for the All Star game are expected to be the goalies for the final four teams in the championships.

  • Coaches of the MBYLL Select Division I and II Championship games (winner and runner-up) will coach the All-Star game.