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Welcome to Terrier Nation!


The Terriers were established in 1982 and currently compete in the Eastern Hockey Federation, widely regarded as the premier youth hockey league in the Northeast.  The Terriers have a storied tradition of excellence in developing hockey players who have gone on to star at the high school, junior, college, and professional hockey levels.  We’re proud of all of our Terriers players, and we are excited about the fact that you’ve come here intending to be a part of this great hockey tradition.

For the 2021-22 season, the Terriers will include teams at both of our locations - Canton SportsPlex (Terrier Red) and Mark Bavis Arena in Rockland (Terrier White).  40+ teams will be split between the two facilities.


Additional Details - Please Read Before Registering!

For more details about the teams, tuition, coaches, and tryout schedules, please see the Documents tab of the website.

If your child cannot attend all of the tryout dates for their age division - please contact the coaches for that specific age division/rink.

Register here for Canton


Register here for Bavis



Tryouts at Both of our Rinks!

Some children prefer to tryout at both of our rinks.  If your child wants to attend tryouts at both rinks - you must complete the registration process and pay for tryouts at both rinks, using the links above.  HOWEVER, some children find out during tryouts that they won't be making the team and then want to try out and be considered for tryouts at our other rink.  If this happens, you do not need to pay a second time; however, you must register for the other rink.  

To do this, please email red@terriershockey.com and request a transfer. 


Canton SportsPlex (Terrier Red) vs. Mark Bavis Arena (Terrier White)


As a point of clarification so that parents new to the Terriers better understand our rinks and teams, we offer this explanation:

Canton SportsPlex teams include:

  • Elite and Tier 1 teams that play in the EHF (www.fedhockey.com). 
  • EHF Elite is the highest level of play that any of our Terrier teams play in. 
  • Behind the Elite level are the Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels. 
  • When a child is trying out at Canton, they are considered for all levels. 
  • Also playing in Canton is our Development team. 

Mark Bavis Arena teams include:

  • Platinum, Gold, Silver.  Platinum would be the highest level of play in terms of playing level, followed by Gold and Silver. 
  • As with Canton SportsPlex, when a child tries out for their birth year, they are considered for all of the levels offered at that age group, at that rink. 

EHF splitting age groups:

  • In many of the Platinum, Gold, and Silver age levels, there are 16-30 teams! 

  • The EHF would then split the league into two or even three levels of play. 


If you have additional questions,  , and we’ll attempt to answer your questions. Thank you!