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2017 Eastern Region Scholar Team

Continue to work hard to serve your community, be a strong productive member of your family & school, and most of all continue to take pride in the care of your mind & physical fitness.


5th Grade:

Daniel J. Brown                      Berkley Golden Eagles

Ethan L. Van-Splinter            Berkley Golden Eagles

Alexa B. Basile                      Hazlet

Kiera Berlin                           Manasquan

Irelynn Eisenhower            Berkeley Golden Eagles

Angelina Mariano                  Berkeley Golden Eagles

Brielle Martins                     Berkeley Golden Eagles

Maci G. McNeil                     Berkeley Golden Eagles

Sydney Robertazzi                Berkeley Golden Eagles

Samantha Rua                        Berkeley Golden Eagles


6th Grade Team:

Daniel Campanella                  Howell Lions

Jeffrey Petz                               Monmouth Falcons

Elena Duncan                            Monmouth Falcons

Morgan Gallop                          Monmouth Falcons


7th Grade:

Greg Attardi                           Monmouth Falcons

Luke Damen                          Manasquan Pop Warner

Jack Kudrick                          New Egypt

Sean Masonius                      Monmouth Falcons

Luke Peslak                               New Egypt

John Runfolo                          Howell Lions

Ashton Sempervive               New Egypt

Benjamin Skrincosky              Howell Lions

Nicholas John Surdo                New Egypt

Bridget Brennan                        Manasquan Pop Warner

Hannah Rickert                        Monmouth Falcons


Senior Team:

Peter Berlin                             Manasquan Pop Warner

Michael Grauso                      Point Pleasant

Lucas Mellon                          Manasquan Pop Warner

Thomas Rice                          Manasquan Pop Warner

Geoffrey Schroeder              Manasquan Pop Warner

Hailey Wicks                           Manasquan Pop Warner

Isabella Chick                         Monmouth Falcons

Colleen Fisher                        Monmouth Falcons

Sage Fusco                             Freehold Area Pop Warner

Jamie Lastella                       Monmouth Falcons

Y'Mira Tate                         Monmouth Falcons

Mary Willis                           Monmouth Falcons


Student Demo and Coach Trainee:


Jacob Field                            Monmouth Falcons

Stephen Fisher                     Monmouth Falcons


Cheer and Dance:

Shayna Field                     Monmouth Falcons

Catilin Fisher                     Monmouth Falcons

Nicole Lastella                    Monmouth Falcons

Kaitlyn Petz                      Monmouth Falcons

Leah Tilton                            Manasquan Pop Warner