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Frequently Asked Questions


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Since our establishment in 1992, the Windsor Locks Soccer Club (WLSC) has been dedicated to the promotion, operation, and development of competitive youth soccer in our community. We work with our young athletes to develop and maintain character and teamwork while teaching them the wonderful sport of soccer. Many volunteers run the WLSC. The Board Members, Committee Members, Coaches, and the many parents give their time and effort to make the WLSC a fun learning experience for all.

Q) What is Travel Soccer?

Travel soccer is a more competitive soccer experience that allows players the ability to play at a higher level against teams from other towns. The Windsor Locks Soccer Club (WLSC) is regulated by the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) under the North Central Branch.

Q) What commitment level is there with playing travel soccer?

Normally, the coach of the team sets this.  But almost all teams may play in tournament(s) during the year (typically in in the Fall). Be prepared to play at least 3 – 6 months out of the year, maybe more depending on the coach and commitment level of the team.  As parents, prepare to have at least one of your weekend days committed to a soccer game, maybe both days depending on the team and the training.  (As a coach and parent, it’s well worth it).
Also, travel starts out in U09 and U10 age groups, the “U” represents under and the number represents the Age.  You are expected to travel within WLSC based on your travel schedule.  Outside tournaments your team decides to participate in may involve further travel. 
Travel soccer may not be for everyone but there are other excellent in town programs as well.

Q) Is WLSC part of Windsor Locks Park & Rec?
WLSC is not part of Park & Rec but works very closely with the Park & Rec on soccer related issues. We are proud of the excellent relationship between WLSC and Park & Rec and both offer development and varying degrees of competition.

Q) Is the club for boys and girls?

Yes, the WLSC has teams for both boys and girls. In a typical fall season we have 4-8 teams in various age ranges.
 Q) When are the try-outs?

Try-outs are held in June and kids are placed on teams according to their age/skill level. If the child makes the team, the child and family are committing to play out the season.

Q) What is the purpose of try-outs?

The purpose of try-outs is to be able to group players of equal ability together in order to place them on a team where they will achieve the maximum benefit and be most competitive. It is extremely important for all kids to attend the try-outs. If there are extenuating circumstances forcing your child to miss tryouts you must notify the club prior to the final tryout date of their absence.

Q) When should I expect to hear if my child meets the try-out qualifications?

A tentative notification date will be communicated on the day of try-outs. Sometimes the review of try-out results may take longer, so please be patient. Final notifications will occur only once all teams (boys & girls all age groups) have been finalized.

Q) Once my child has tried out for the WLSC and is accepted, what can I expect?

Games are primarily scheduled for and played on Saturdays/Sundays. However, in rare cases games can be rescheduled to other days or evenings of the week due to weather conditions, game conflicts or other valid reasons. Most teams practice 2 times per week. Games are played with up to 2 per weekend.

Q) What if my son/daughter is not chosen for a travel team, can they still play somewhere?

Yes, if your son or daughter is not selected for a travel team, you can still play in the Park and Rec Program.  This is a league that is not “as” competitive as travel but, competitive enough to still allow players to continue to play organized soccer. 

Q) If I am a parent and want to become a travel coach, how do I go about putting my hat in the ring?

First, you want to let the travel coordinator know you are interested in becoming a travel coach. His/her name is located on the WLSC website. 
Q) Is it true that travel soccer teams travel far for “away” games?

No, WLSC is in the CJSA North Central District. We play league games with other towns within an hour drive, in the fall and spring. Typically half of the league games (approx. 3) are played at home fields in Windsor Locks, and the other half are played away. The distance a particular team will travel will depend on the town teams in their League. Friendly games are also scheduled with surrounding town teams. If a team is entered in the CT Cup (U11+), these games may require travel outside this region.

See map below for typical Towns we play,  Click on map below for a larger view.

Q. What is the Connecticut Cup?

The Connecticut Cup (CT Cup) is a statewide, single-elimination tournament typically played on Saturdays over the course of a season for U11 and older teams, if the team decides to enter the tournament.

Q) How expensive is it for my child to play with the WLSC?

Average costs range from $85-$115 per season (i.e. Spring is one season; Fall is another), plus cost of uniform, and/or how many tournaments a team decides to participate in. There are discounts available for multiple siblings playing in the WLSC.

Q. What do the travel registration fees cover?

WLSC Travel player registration fees cover CJSA team fees, CJSA player/manager/coaches insurance, CT Cup fees (if applicable), various certification/training (i.e. first-aid, goalie training), equipment needs/updates, field maintenance, 1 away tournament, and referee fees for every home game. 
Q) When does the season begin and end?

Fall Season – Begins in Late August and runs through early November (10 weeks)
Spring Season – Begins in Early April and runs through early June (10 weeks)

Q. When are practices?

There are typically two practices per week during the Fall season. Spring season is usually only one practice per week, possibly two. All practice dates & times will be determined by the coaches. Each team manager will communicate when practices will occur to his/her team. Typically these are scheduled in advance one particular night(s) all season long.

Q. How many games are played during the weekend?

In the Fall, typically two games per weekend are scheduled - one friendly game on Saturday, one league game on Sunday. During the Spring, we recommend teams play league games with just a few friendly games.

Q) What is your connection to the CJSA?

The WLSC is a registered classic travel team within the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA). There are many benefits to this relationship including certified officials for each game.

Q) At this age group, is there physical play?
Yes, soccer is a very physical sport. As they get older, referees and leagues allow more physical play as in High school, Premiere soccer and College play to ready these youth. We will do our best to teach them to shield, fall and protect as much as possible.
 Q) Where can I find Rules of the game?

Q) If my child is selected, what next?
     Q) When do I need to register?

  •      * Please register as soon as possible once you receive the announcement that Registration is NOW OPEN”.
  •      * If your child is not registered by the cutoff date, which should be approximately,  mid-August (sooner the better), he/she cannot play in any games or enter
  •        any tournament.

    Q) When do I need to pay?

  •      * Please pay as soon as possible either on-line with Credit Card or Paypal or you can give a check to the coach made out to Windsor Locks Soccer Club.

      Q) When do I need to complete the Medical Release Form?

  •      * As soon as possible, this is needed in order to play. Just hand them to coach or scan and email them.

      Q) Do I need to buy new Uniforms?

  •        * There is a dependency if a new Player, then yes otherwise there may or may not be a need to Purchase new Uniforms. This is evaluated and determined by the
  •        Coach and the Board and parents will be notified of such prior to the Season start.

      Q) When do I need to pay for Uniforms?

  •      * Uniform needs and the Payment of such will provided to parents by the league but must be completed prior to the distribution of the uniforms and prior to the
  •       league start..

     Q) When do Practices start and when are they held?

  •       * Practice start is determined by the Coach and the location is (age depending) at either Veterans Park or the High School and in some instances at other local
  •       town parks.

     Q) How do I know if a Practice is scheduled, changed or cancelled?

  •      * Everything is on the website at www.windsorlockssoccer.com, use menu tabs to select team.
  •      * Also as a parent when you register you can elect to receive both email alerts and text messaging alerts and reminders.

     Q) How do I know the whole schedule for both practices and games?

  •      * You can print a schedule for games or practices or both, right from the website.

     Q) When do Games Start?

  •      * Typically last week in August

    Q) What are game durations?   

  •      * Travel League Recommended Game Duration

Age                             Duration
U9 & U10                   35 minute half
U11 through U14        40 minute half
U15 through U19        45 minute half

   Q) What are the differences between Friendlies vs. League games?

  •     * Friendlies are games scheduled by coaches and are just that friendly. They do not count for points or standings. Typically these are often used to test plays,
  •       positions and strategies.
  •     * League games are scheduled by the CSJA within the groups they deem we should be in. Typically based upon prior seasons results.

   Q) Is it true there are rankings or levels for teams?

  •    * Coaches submit to the CSJA North East district a recommended rating between 1 – 6, 1 being the best. Then the CSJA evaluates based upon prior year’s results
  •     of league games, then assigns that team in a Group.

   Q) How much play time will my child get?

  •    * It depends on many factors, such as attending practices, effort, drive and skill. They are all important but mainly for their safety first. We will attempt to have
  •       friendlies with more (not always equal) balanced play time and League games will be discretionary on rotation of play.
  •    * Also, often parents may not realize, although these kids are tough, they are running full steam and can tire. You may not realize but often your child will give us
  •      the signal to need to come out due to exhaustion / injury etc... Other reasons may be to get a player off the field to speak with them to explain possibly incorrect
  •      positioning or lack of sportsmanship and if they appear hurt or injured (beyond the knocked to the ground).

   Q) What is the primary coaching philosophy?

  • Development, development, development.
  • Increasing their technical and Team play skills.
  • Endurance is a key to their success.
  • Positive re-enforcement
  • Practice the way you would play in a game.

   Q) How are positions established for players?

  •     * The ultimate goal is players to understand all positions, but realistically we try our best to break it down into two comfort zones or groupings, which are
  •     “Defensive Backs/Mid’s” and “Mids /Attacking Mids” and Forwards /Mids”. These are like groupings, but then there are other levels such as an example, Left Mid,
  •     Center Mid and Right Mid, which are different in their own right.

   Q) Is there a Parent Code of Conduct?

  •     * Yes, it will be distributed and it’s on the website.

    Q) Do Coaches have to pass a background check?

  •      * Yes, it is required by the CSJA

    Q) What can I do as a parent?

  •     * Eensure your child makes practices.
  •     * Positive support at all times for your child, their teammates and players of opposing teams.
  •     * Do not coach from the sideline, we will tell the players they are not to listen to parents during any games and practices, so please do not confuse them
  •        or make them feel in an awkward position.

    Q) If a Player is injured, does an Injury report need to be completed?

  •      * Yes.

    Q) If a parent has an issue how should they go about it?

  • It is always recommended to speak to any coach on an issue or concern, which should be addressed immediately.
  • If the way addressed is not satisfactory, please go to the next point of contact (see below).
  • If the issue or concern is about or with a coach or head coach, please go to the next point of contact (see below).
  • Points of Contact in logical order;
    • Assistant Coach
    • Head Coach – if unresolved a grievance report can be documented and submitted to
    • Girls Coordinator
    • President
    • CSJA

    Q) Where can I get more information?
    WLSC has a website that is geared to the players and parents of WLSC. It can be found at www.lockssoccer.com. There you can find names and contact
    information for all our board members, and coaching staff. Any of them would welcome the opportunity to answer any question.