The Southern Marin Lacrosse Club seeks to provide youth with a POSITIVE CHARACTER BUILDING EXPERIENCE by honoring the game of lacrosse. Through the game of Lacrosse we learn lessons that will last a lifetime. We focus our coaching in three areas, Athletic

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Q:  When did the Wolfpack begin providing options for Wolfpack kids to participate in summer tournaments?
A:  2014
Q:  Why does the Wolfpack provide this opportuntity?
A:  1.) In order to provide Wolpfack players the opportuntity to participate in summer tournaments with their Spring teammates, 2.) to enhance player development opportunities, 3.) create opportintites for Wolfpack Alumni currently playing in college to coach and give back to the Wolfpack players.
Q:  Why does the Wolfpack Summer Select Team Program end bofre July 4th weekend?
A:  Kids need a break and families want their summers together.  
Q.  What makes the Summer Select program so successful?
A.  1.) The fact Wolfpack kids play with their close friends/teammates, 2.) The Coaches, and 3) The pride the kids & families feel representing their home club at local & national tournaments.  
Q.  How does the cost of the Wolfpack Summer Select Program compare to other Travel Programs
A.   Wolfpack pricing is much lower vs. anyone else.  An essential and critical component to all Wolfpack programs is low pricing in order to provide opportuntities to all members of the community. Much has been written on this topic and it is our goal to provide the right balance for the kids and the families.
Q.  Can non-select teams participate in summer tournaments?
A.  Absolutley.  If we have enough interest from players to enter teams into a tournament, we'll do so.
Q.  Why doesn't the Wolfpack have a Fall/Winter Select Program?
A.  Burn out rates in youth lacrosse are clearly on the rise.  We strongly encourage kids to play other sports throughout the year.   A Multi-sport athletic lifestyle not only promotes a healthier lifestyle vs single sport athletes, but it's also essential in developing the "whole" athlete as a lacrosse player.  Let's avoid the pitfalls witnessed in other sports.
 What can my son/daughter do to keep his/her skills sharp in the off-season.
A. Wolfpack provides 1 hr training sessions throughout the fall and winter to help keep the skills sharp.