Girls� hockey program in Rochester, New York, USA and the surrounding Monroe County region

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The Edge Organization

Cassy Opela - Director of Player Development (UCONN)

Jessica Prance - Associate Director of Player Development (Elmira)

Mel Ames - Associate Director of Player Development (Plattsburgh)

Jennifer Shields - Assistant Coach (Clarkson)

Erika Bronk - Assistant Coach (Chatham)

Robyn Van Zeilen - Hockey Power Skating Instructor and Assistant Coach


2019-2020 Head Coaching Staff

Aaron Coleman - 10U

Anthony Rizzi / Tom Wescott - 10U

Rob Hensel - 12U Tier 2 Tournament Bound

Sigmund VanDamme - 14U Tier 1 Tournament Bound

Scott Reston - 16U Tier 2 Tournament Bound

Eric Wiesenberg - 19U Tier 2 Tournament Bound


8U and Under Girls Program

Stay tuned for announcements on our free spring girls clinics, 8U tournament opportunities and 2020-21 8U girls program.


10U Girls Program

We are excited to offer a 10U girls program. Our 10U program will place every 10U player who comes to evaluations. Aaron Coleman will be coaching the 10U team. Should there be enough girls to field more than one team, we will make additional coaching announcements at that time. We are ready to offer a second and third team should the turnout be excellent. Among the coaches who will be heavily involved in the program include Tom Wescott and Anthony Rizzi. Our 10U staff has a really strong record of improving the skills of players of a very wide range of skill levels, and have been particularly adept at building kids' love of the game and being with their teammates.


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