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NVYLL Waiver rules and process 

GFLA is a member of the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL).  Under NVYLL rules, each town lacrosse program has a set boundary for enrolling players based on its high school pyramid. GFLA’s boundary for player enrollment are for children who feed into the Langley High School or McLean High School Pyramids.  NVYLL requires players that want to enroll from outside the pyramids apply for a waiver.   This process is designed to establish and protect healthy competition between the towns and from allowing programs to recruit players away from their local towns.  

GFLA policy on waivers:

GFLA always requires a player outside of the pyramid to get a waiver.

GFLA and Coaches are responsible for knowing if their players have proper waivers.

GFLA does not permit coaches to recruit players from other school pyramids.

GFLA will be supportive of waiver requests from our own players, when asked.

GFLA keeps a record of approved waivers. Players with approved waivers do not need a new waiver every year.  Reach the GFLA Commissioner Adam Jackson for verification, .

Please know, GFLA will honor waivers for Great Falls residents who want to play for another program.  It’s important the waiver process is followed with the receiving town program.

The process for waivers is below:

1) Parent seeking a waiver for child to play in GFLA should contact GFLA Commissioner about wanting a waiver at .

2) GFLA Commissioner sends the waiver form to the parent.

3) Parent completes the waiver form and sends it to GFLA Commissioner.

4) GFLA Commissioner sends it to the giving town program Commissioner.

5) Giving Commissioner approves/ disapproves.

6) GFLA notifies NVYLL of the decision.