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Instructional Bullpen Classes

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Pitching mechanics are an essential component in helping players become more efficient as throwing athletes. As mechanics are improved, players become more consistent repeating a delivery that will allow them to command the ball with improved accuracy, velocity, and avoid injury.  The premise and goals of the Instructional Bull Pen Classes are to develop...

  • PITCHING MECHANICS - Learning the proper and efficient movements needed to generate and transfer energy from all parts of the body and transferring it into the ball.

  • PITCH CONTROL - Good pitch control starts with having good pitching mechanics. A consistent release point stems from aligning all aspects of the wind-up and establishing a consistency is key.

  • STRATEGY - A big part of pitching is understanding the situation. The pitcher needs to also understand his own abilities and know how he wants to approach each hitter.

  • VELOCITY - The key to better accuracy and more velocity is good mechanics, a strong arm and a well-conditioned pitcher will essentially produce accuracy and a consistent velocity. Combining this class with the Arm Velocity Enhancement Class will improve your velocity for all position players.

  • Endurance - By increasing the pitch count weekly, players develop pitching endurance.

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