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Hitting Progression Class

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Athletes are shackled by poor coaching. Through advanced technology, we have become industry leaders in hitter development.  Our hitting community is the first of its kind. It allows athletes the freedom through reps to discover their own efficient movement patterns. We do not cookie cut hitters. We allow hitters to discover individual movements.  We use science and technology to help quantify growth. Hitting is the beautiful marriage of science and art – and we push our athletes to master both  Throughout the classes, the basic science of hitting is taught with an emphasis on…

  • Developing proper balance and body awareness
  • Maximize rotational bat speed with under and overload bat training
  • Creating Rotational Force through proper mechanics
  • Develop Contact Density using training bat aids
  • Increase power using underload/overload balls
  • Amplified Eye/Hand Ability
  • Classes are one hour in duration 

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