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Refund policy:

If a player leaves the team prior to playing any games, the family is eligible for a refund of registration fees only after any and all equipment and uniforms purchased by the club for that player have been returned. 


Equipment return:

First year boys can be loaned pads, etc. by the club. These must be retruned after the season has concluded. Failure to do so will result in a charge for the equipment to be assessed to the family holding the equipment.



Each first year boys player is given a helmet by the club. If the player does not intend to return for a second year, we require that the helmet be returned. If the player returns to the club for a second year, he can keep the helmet.



Players are given one uniform by the club. If the player damages, outgrows, loses, or for any other reason needs a replacement uniform, the player/player's family is responsible for replacing the uniform.