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Bus Policy for Away Games

Junior Varsity:

·       JV will leave for their game on the 1st bus

·       At least one coach will be riding the bus with the team

·       Prior to arriving at the field, that coah will make sure the girls are dressed and ready to warm up as soon they exit the bus

·       During the break between the JV and Varsity games, JV will pack away their equipment (except sticks), and have the opportunity to get food from the concessions/use restroom/say hello to family/etc.

·       If there are JV girls that also play on Varsity, they will not pack up their equipment

·       Prior to the announcement of the Varsity lineup, JV will create a stick tunnel, and be ready to cheer on Varsity

·       During halftime of Varsity, JV, with the exception of Floaters, will be permitted to leave on the bus if they have homework/studying

·       However, the JV girls are strongly encouraged to stay if they do not have school work

·       Before JV leaves on the bus, one of the coaches will get on the bus, make sure everyone is accounted for, and say a few final words about the game

·       If a coach does not ride the bus back to USC, a parent with clearances will be asked to supervise the girls


·       Varsity will leave for their game on the 2nd bus

·       Coach Rae will ride with the team

·       Prior to arriving at the field, Coach Rae will make sure the girls are dressed and ready to start a lap around the track, and stretches as soon as they exit the bus

·       Varsity will be respectful of their Junior Varsity teammates and not create a distraction

·       While running the lap and stretching, Varsity will be cheering on JV

·       At the end of the JV game, Varsity and floaters from JV will immediately jump on the field and begin warm-ups

·       After the game, Varsity will make sure the field is clean and ride the bus back to USC with Coach Rae


Because the coaches are permitting 2 buses, we do not expect to see any homework/studying being done on the sidelines. While on the field, we want the girls to be entirely focused on field hockey.