Non-Profit Premier Youth Football & Cheer Program in Hunterdon County New Jersey

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Happy Friday Huskies Nation!

Please note that the football uniform distribution scheduled for this Saturday July 14, 2018 HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

New Football Uniform Distribution Schedule

Location: Union Forge Field

07/23/18 7:45pm 13/14U

07/23/18 7:45pm 10U

07/23/18 7:45pm 8/9U

Please read the below carefully as there are certain items you must bring with you in order to receive your equipment.

Equipment Bond

Before picking up your equipment each player must provide an equipment bond check.  The check should be in the amount of $200 and made payable to “High Bridge Athletic Association”.  The check should be dated December 1, 2018.  In the memo section of each check should be the player’s name and the words “Equipment Bond”.  Please note that no equipment will be provided to any player who does not provide this check.

Work Bond

Unless a family is exempt, no equipment will be distributed to any player whose family does not provide a work bond check.  The work bond check should be in the amount of $200 and once again made payable to “High Bridge Athletic Association”.  This check too must be dated December 1, 2018.  The Huskies will hold these checks until such time as the season concludes and if the family fulfills their work bond obligations, the check will either be returned to the family or destroyed at their direction. If any family has an issue with providing a check, you must contact Carolyn Farino via email at   prior to the your equipment distribution date. 

Below is a list of options to fulfill your Work Bond requirement.  While additional opportunities may become available during the season we strongly suggest that you sign up for the item listed.

What Tasks can I do to Fulfill My Work Bond?

All families are required to volunteer 4 hours per season. 

  • 2 hours must be fulfilled in the snack shack
  • 2 hours doing the following (please note that this list is not exclusive is subject to change during the season):

Game Day Activities: Field Set Up, Field Break Down (including garbage pickup), Garbage & Bathroom Patrol, Apparel Barn, Chain Gang

BonfireTicket Check In, 50/50 Sales, Apparel barn, Field Set Up, Field Break Down (Includes garbage)

Raffle DinnerEvent Set Up, Food Service, 50/50 Sales, Event Break Down

BanquetEvent Set Up, Tricky Tray Table Sales (Raffles Baskets), Participant Check In, Event Clean Up

Opt out

If you do not wish to perform the volunteer service required to fulfill your work bond you may present a check in the amount of $250.00 made payable to the “High Bridge Athletic Association” and your duty will be marked as discharged.   Please note that no equipment will be provided to any player who does not provide this check, qualify for a waiver or opts to buy out of their work bond requirement. 

Where do I sign up for volunteer hours?

Sign in to your huskies website account:

  • Click Purple Volunteer Shifts Button on the right side of the Home Page
  • Go to Parent Tab, click Open Volunteer Shifts from the menu
  • or click this link 
Drink Donations *Please delivery by 8/1/18*
  • The Huskies are asking each family to provide drinks to be sold at our concession stand.  The requested drinks will be assigned based on your athletes last name:
  • Please bring your donation to the concession stand during our summer practices.  When delivering your drinks please place some type of marking that lets us know the last name of the athlete who is providing the drinks.
Athlete Last Name Product How many?
A-C Coke or Pepsi One dozen 12 oz. cans
D-I Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi One dozen 12 oz. cans
J-L Root Beer One dozen 12 oz. cans
M-O Sprite or 7-Up One dozen 12 oz. cans
P-Z Gatorade/Powerade Six 16.9 oz. plastic bottles