The South Shores Premier Baseball Facility

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             A Typical 14U Open Division Season   

                               What to Expect


 Fall Training - November 5, 2018, thru  March 2019

Teams will meet three (3) days per week for Speed, Strength, Agility and Arm Velocity Enhancement training commencing in November.

Speed, Power, Strength and Agility Training:

  •  Each player will be evaluated and tested prior to the commencement of indoor training.
  • They will receive progressive weekly workouts by position and individual needs.
  • Incorporated in all workouts will be a state of the art arm velocity enhancement program for all positions. This program incorporates the use of different types of plyometric balls, ballistic training, weight training and periodic radar gun testing. It has been proven to increase arm speed by 3-7 MPH!
  • A progressive hitting and fielding regiment with several days of live at-bats.
  • Teams will be assigned three days per week for training. Sessions are always supervised by a Certified Strength Coach and are 90 minutes in length.
  • Progression will be monitored closely.

Fall/Winter Training - December 2018 thru March 2019: Teams will meet one night per week for Linear Progression Baseball Training and continue with Speed, Strength and Arm Velocity Training on separate nights.

  • Commencing in January 2019, one weekend day per week is assigned for a team focused practice. Baseball training sessions are 90 minutes each. At this time teams are practicing twice per week and Strength, Speed, Agility and Arm Velocity training meets 3 times per week.  Teams are training at the Club four (4) days per week.

Linear Progression Baseball Training: Players will be exposed to a college training level with individual progress frequently tested as well as live hitting days. These weekday practices will be clinic style featuring multiple stations focusing on individual development.   


Games: Mid April - Mid July

  • Teams will compete in a preseason tournament (Early/Mid April)
  • Division and non-division games may be scheduled on Saturday or Sunday each weekend from mid-April through the second weekend of July, including April School Vacation week.
  • Gameday is typically two 7-inning games with a break in between 
  • 14U will compete in the NEAAU Memorial Day Classic Tournament.

NEAAU Playoffs

  •  NEAAU Playoff games normally take place the second weekend of July
  • Teams must qualify by either winning division or have a high winning percentage