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as of September 26, 2020


Calendar for parents, coaches, and volunteers 

Key dates:

  • Parents night, early November (date TBD - announcment to be made early October)
  • Fund raiser night, Tuesday, (date TBD) 
  • Winter season practices start the first week of November 2020 for Everyone - announcement to be made mid October
  • Early bird registration period ends midnight, N/A for 2020 due to COVID-19
  • Registration completely shuts down at midnight, TBD
  • Intro to wrestling clinics TBD - we hope to have a clinic available the first week of November


Calendar for administrative personnel ~ Click Here

Key dates:

  • Registration for Fall 2020 / Winter 2021 practices opens September 2020
  • Practice starts in November 2020
  • 100% refund availlable in November 2020
  • 75% refund availabvle in December 2020
  • No refund available after 12/312020
  • We expect Winter Wrestling Series Tournaments to start in January 2021