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SKY Academy Coach Expectations

  • Understand the laws of the game and ensure that players understand and follow them.
  • Be punctual and prepared for all training sessions and games.
  • Show respect for your players and opponents.
  • Do not use abusive or profane language.
  • Be gracious in victory and dignified in defeat.
  • The Director of Coaching and SKY Board will review the status of any coach who is ejected from a game.
  • Do not talk to fans, opposing players, or opposing coaches during games, except to offer congratulations or assistance.
  • Coaching from the sidelines during games should be limited and positive.
  • Do not argue with officials.
  • Do not criticize a player in front of other players.
  • Support other SKY Academy coaches, teams, and players.
  • Wear appropriate SKY Academy attire to all training sessions and games.
  • Tobacco, alcohol, and non-prescription drugs are prohibited during all training sessions and games. 
  • Improper contact or relationships with players will result in immediate expulsion.



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