Riptide Soccer Club is based in Point Loma, which is a coastal community of San Diego, CA. Riptide Soccer Club is the Competitive Club Program of the Point Loma Soccer Association (PLSA), a Non-Profit Organization formed in 2009 and devoted to promoting

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7 vs 7 (6 field players plus Keeper) Rules


  • 4 x 10 min quarters
  • Size 4 soccer ball
  • 2 min breaks with a 5 min half time between 2 & 3 quarter
  • Substitutions on the fly
  • Throw-ins will be enforced
  • No offside rule
  • No punting from the GK
  • Kicks may be direct or indirect as per laws of the game.
  • Play out line – When your team has possession of the ball during a goal kick or when the GK has possession of the ball in his/her hands, the opponent must retreat to the center line until the ball is kicked/released.  Once the ball has left the designated GK box the opponent may apply pressure and win the ball.
  • May need to play 6 vs 6, depending upon numbers
  • No Headers
  • All other laws of the game apply