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Team Standings
Last Update: 4/21/18
The philosophy of the ULLL board is that baseball at the Tball through AA levels should focus more on instruction and development rather than on team standing.  For that reason ULLL only publishes scores and standings on the website for Majors and AAA teams during the Spring season only. 

ALL STANDINGS SHOWN ON THE WEB PAGE ARE UNOFFICIAL.  The official standings for placement in the end of season tournaments will be computed by the ULLL board.

Standings on the web site are computed as a percentage using the formula

# Wins  / # Regulation Games Played

If two teams have the same percentage, then the tie is broken by comparing the run differential (runs scored vs runs allowed)

NOTE: “Ties” are not regulation games.  They are suspended games that do NOT count toward total games played for all-star eligibility purposes.  These games will be scheduled to be resumed and completed.

You can view team results for AAA and Majors teams through the web site by the following method:

  • Click on menu tab on the ULLL web site.
  • Click on the Change team drop down boxes to select the current season...leave Select League  and Select Team as shown below.
  • From the menu tab select Standings.

This will show the standings for all the Majors and AAA teams.  You can click on the individual team names to view game results for the team.