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Arlington Little League is proud to announce the 

2022 AAA Local All-Stars!!!


2022 AAA Local All-Star Game


Thursday, June 16th


6:30 pm

Barcroft #1


2022 AAA Local All-Star Rosters


AAA American League All-Stars

(consisting of players from the Angels, Cubs, Mets, Orioles, and Red Sox)


Coaches: Jeremy Dutra and Jim Bindseil




Matt Bolden (Red Sox)

Holden Busen (Orioles)

Stephen Cook (Angels)

Brendan Donato (Orioles)

Nathan Garay (Mets)

Bryce Hansberger (Cubs)

Porter Holt (Cubs)

Mason Iams (Cubs)

Gavin Jiang (Orioles)

Jaden Kendrick (Angels)

John Kendrick (Angels)

Grier Lyons (Mets)

Conor McCarthy (Red Sox)

Jake Mueller (Mets)

Henry Thayer (Red Sox)

Jude Warren (Mets) - injured


AAA National League Local All-Stars

(consisting of players from the Athletics, Cardinals, Nationals, Rays, and Yankees)


Coaches: Dirk Hamilton and Thomas Noone




William Branon (Yankees)

Bobby Busby (Yankees)

Nat Goldhirsch (Rays)

Tyler Hamilton (Nationals)

Dominic Karmis (Cardinals)

Joshua Keefe (Cardinals)

Joseph Manfra (Cardinals) - injured

Ryan Michalowski (Yankees)

Rowen Sellers-DuBray (Athletics)

Owen Sibley (Athletics)

Jackson Sieverding (Rays)

Anders Smith (Nationals)

Henry Upchurch (Nationals)

Luca Usas (Rays)

Eli Yohannan (Cardinals)

Colton Zumwalt (Athletics)