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2022 District Tournament Dates Announced!!

This year, the 50/70 tournament will see five teams entered in one pool. The five teams are: Arlington American, Arlington National, Alexandria, McLean, and Vienna. The first part of the tournament will be round robin play where each team will play against their four opponents - including a not-to-be-missed showdown between Arlington American and Arlington National on Tuesday, June 28th! The top two teams will advance out of pool play and compete for the District Championship on July 2nd. 

Come down and support our two Arlington teams as they battle for a spot in the Virginia State 50/70 Tournament!!

NL 50/70 Tournament Games

Day Date Time Field Team Team
Tuesday 6/28  6:00 PM  Barcroft 1  Arlington American  Arlington National  
Wednesday 6/29  7:00 PM  Simpson   Arlington National   Alexandria 
Thursday 6/30  7:00 PM  Gunston  Vienna  Arlington National 
Friday 7/1  7:00 PM  Gunston  Arlington National  McLean 

AL 50/70 Tournament Games


Day Date Time Field Team Team
Monday 6/27  6:00 PM  Spring Hill  McLean  Arlington American 
Tuesday 6/28  6:00 PM  Barcroft 1  Arlington American  Arlington National 
Thursday 6/30  7:00 PM  Simpson  Alexandria  Arlington American 
Friday 7/1  7:00 PM  Curry   Arlington American  Vienna 





50/70 National League District All-Star Team
Coaches: Mark Nersasian and Conor Boyle

Lukas Black

Ryan Brusch

Gunner Chapman

Jay Kurrle

Will McKeever

Nate Moseley

Nick Nimerala* (injured)

Lilly Nix

Henry Porter

Kayden Ragsdale

Landon Scott

Dylan Stone

Parker Vance

Ethan Wassel

50/70 American League D4 All-Star Team
Coaches: Adam Balutis, Chad Davis, Matt Klinger, Brent Newton and Joe Kokol

Drew Carroll

Chase Daub

Jackson Davis

Brady Doster

Talon Duce

Parker Everett

Luca Fekeza

Nolan Foerster

Nolan Garcia* (injured)

Jowell Gomez

Sam Graf

Ryan Klinger

Thomas Neyman

Peter Sheehey

Ethan Schweer

Each spring ALL fields two 50/70 Intermediate All-Star teams (one NL and one AL) for players ages 11, 12 and 13 to represent their respective league in the District 4 50/70 All-Star Tournament. 
Eligibility Criteria
There are two eligibility criteria that must be met before final selection and team roster announcement (In fact, players may not be considered for an All-Star team until the following commitment is made): 
Participation: A player must have played in a minimum of 60% of regular season games. Game participation is defined as having played at least six consecutive outs defensively and had at least one at bat during a game.
Availability: Players are expected to make at least 90% of the practices and games in order to be eligible for all-stars. Daily practices start in early June with tournament play typically running mid- to late June. 
Important Dates
The District 4 tournament calendar is not available at this time. Look for team rosters to be announced on June 1st with practices beginning as early as that day. As soon as we obtain more information about tournament dates, we will post an update to this site. Once announced, you should also be able to find information at the Virginia District 4 Little League webpage at www.VAd4ll.org.
If you have any questions, please email .