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South Jeffco Sports Association Coach's Agreement and Registration
Info: Only required to complete once per year.  This includes agreement to SJSA's code of conduct.
Background Check - you will need an upload of your driver's license to complete this. (takes 5 minutes)
Password: contact the office or director for current password
Info:  Once you are in to that system it will ask you for your South Jeffco username/password to continue.
Concussion Course - You can submit any concussion course certificate if you have taken it through somewhere else (NOT NEEDED IF COACHING FOOTBALL - FOOTBALL COACHES MUST TAKE USA FOOTBALL COURSE, info to come soon) (takes 20-30 minutes)
Info:  Once you are in to their system you must enter the username/password you have created if you have done one before or create one if you haven't.  This has nothing to do with your South Jeffco username/password.
Certificate:  Please email your certificate back here to 
NEW MANDATORY REPORTING - You can submit any Mandatory Reporter course certificate if you have taken it through somewhere else (takes about 30 minutes depending on your choice of learning methods)
Per Colorado State Law C.R.S.19-3-304, directors, coaches, assistant coaches or athletic personnel employed by a youth sports organization are considered mandatory reporters.  Please see more information in the link below and take the online course.