Falls Church Kiwanis Little League, Falls Church, VA

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Field Maintenance

Maintaining our fields is crucial to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for our players, coaches and officials. It also is a good way to save money for the league, as maintenance cost can quickly add up. You can help keep those costs down by doing your part and following these simple guidelines. 

Remember, when it comes to taking care of our fields, teams must work together to accomplish this important task.

Before Games

If it has been raining, plan to arrive early to prepare the field. You will need time before the game to fill holes, rake and drag, to ensure the field is in playable condition. This should be an effort by both teams and will help ensure the field is safe to play on without delaying the scheduled start time.  

After Games and Practices

Fields should always be dressed after your team has finished practicing or playing a game. By working together with other volunteers, properly dressing a field takes only a few minutes, but goes a long way in preserving good field conditions. Always report safety concerns immediately to your level coordinator.

How to Properly Rake and Drag Infield

Proper raking and dragging techniques help to reduce the formation of a grass lip on the infield edge:

  • Always rake with a grass edge not into it, and avoid pulling infield material into the grass edge
  • When dragging the infield stay at least six inches away from the grass edge
  • Hand screen drag on the infield skin and warning track, and a hand rake on baselines, infield cutouts, pitching mound, and home plate
  • Do not allow players or other kids to use drags

The diagrams below show how to kaintain fields using rakes and drags.







The diagrams below show how to maintain fields using drags and rakes.