Falls Church Kiwanis Little League, Falls Church, VA

Sponsored By:   Family Medicine in Falls Church
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Safety Preparation

The key to safety is taking reasonable steps to prevent problems from happening. Here are some key steps to follow. 

Medical Forms 
Having up-to-date medical information about players will be vital in the event someone requires medical attention. So: 

  • Before your first practice, e-mail to all parents a link to this medical form. 
  • Ensure you get a completed form for each player.
  • Keep all completed forms on hand at all practices and games.
  • Note any special medical conditions (e.g., asthma, insect allergy, food allergy). 
  • If you have a potential safety concern about a child, confer proactively with the child’s parent or the Safety Officer as necessary.

First Aid Kits
Make sure your league-issued first aid kit is properly stocked. If you use an item, be sure to notify the safety officer at fckllsafety@gmail.com and request a replacement item from the quartermaster at fckll.qm@gmail.com.