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The following questions and comments were raised in the feedback the league received during our anonymous Mid-Season Survey.

  • What do we do about managers who don't seem committed to their team, less experienced or don't practice?
Answer: Managers are volunteers and we trust that they are doing their best to accommodate their personal schedules. Each manager is told at the managers meeting what commitment is expected out of them. The league does their best to choose the most qualified managers based on our league feedback. New managers are needed every year.
  • How do we address a manager discouraging your girls to play?
Answer: The board can only address player/manager issues if they have been documented. All the manager issues from the mid-season surveys are being directly handled by the executive board and any other issues must be documented by filling out an incident report.
  • Teams formed do not have equal talent, making the season difficult for my daughter
Answer: Managers are volunteers who choose their players based on how they were evaluated. If we don't have enough manager volunteers prior to player evaluations, they are evaluated by a board member. It is very important we have volunteers in place prior to evaluations.
  • The players are not playing minimum innings on the field, infield, etc.
Answer: If your manager is not following the age division rules provided by the league, please fill out an incident report so that we can address it directly.
  • Game times (too long, too short, etc.)
Answer: Our Umpire in Chief, together with ASA representatives, determines game times that are felt best suitable for each age group, also taking into consideration the traditional time limit for that age group.
  • Why are the rules not clear and always cause confusion?
Answer: Managers are invited to review all the rules with our Umpire in Chief and the ASA Head Umpire at the beginning of the season so that there is no confusion. The rules are also provided on the LGSA website for each member to view. If there is still confusion after the rules are fully read, they should contact the board for further clarification.
  • Why are preseason games determined by number of games and not by a set date?
Answer: This feedback will be considered during our rules committee and managers meeting for the next upcoming season.
  • Why don't we provide covered dugouts?
Answer: The school district does not allow us to cover the dugouts. Teams are allowed to bring tarps to provide shade during their game.
  • Our Junior Umpires need better training and are sometimes seen on their phone
Answer: Any umpire issues should be addressed by emailing vp-umpires@LivermoreGirlsSoftball.org or filling out an incident report.
  • Why are practice times only 1 hour?
Answer: The league does its best to accommodate managers' schedules and our limited field resources by offering more practice times. Managers are allowed to take a second practice slot after all managers have had the opportunity to sign up for a practice slot. Managers are welcome to use open grass in the outfield before or after their 1-hour slot, or they can hold practice at any local park where space is available. 
  • Can LGSA provide fielding and hitting clinics?
Answer: We will consider this for future seasons.
  • Why doesn't the league provide visors/hats instead of practice shirts?
Answer: Practice shirts seemed to be the better option for the league. Teams and/or families can also order custom visors and hats from our uniform vendor.
  • Why doesn't the league have better advertisement?
Answer: We currently advertise with a banner in downtown Livermore when the space is available, announcements via PeachJar, Patch, and social media, LGSA magnets on cars, etc. We are always open to suggestions.