Falls Church Kiwanis Little League, Falls Church, VA

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Questions and Answers About 2018 Practices

Q: Why are our practices on days and times different from what I expected?

A: In March, we have limited access to fields, so we schedule practices any day and time we can. In April, as more fields become available to us, our schedules should become more regular.

(Please note that our league does not own the fields we use. If we did, scheduling would be far easier for everyone involved. Getting our own fields is a long-term goal we are working on and requires money and detailed coordination with local communities. If you can help in these efforts, please contact our league president at fckllpresident@gmail.com.)


Q: My team doesn't have practice for an entire week. Why?

A: Given the shortage of fields we experience in the early spring, we start some levels (Single A, Double AA, Triple A, etc.) on different weeks. Some levels won't practice during the week as we start the practice season for other levels and give them a turn on the fields.


Q: When will Single A teams begin practice?

A: Single A teams will being practicing on March 31, 2018.


Q: When will T-Ball teams begin practice?

A: T-Ball practices will begin on our league’s Opening Day, April 7.


Q: Why does the location and time of our practice change each week? 

A: Some fields and times generally are more convenient than others. We schedule practices on a rotating basis so that no team is consistently burdened with less desirable times or locations.


Q: Can we alter our practice time or location?

A: Our fields are at full capacity, so we cannot adjust one team's schedule without adjusting practice times and locations for other teams. If you find another team will to trade practice locations/times with you, please contact our scheduler at and cc the manager from the other team.