To promote lacrosse in the Pacific Northwest by providing opportunities for youth and high school players

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We strive to have North Cascades Lacrosse become an integral member of the lacrosse community and your daughter’s athletic and developmental activities.  We have a focus on enhancing individual skills, team play, and sportsmanship.

By utilizing the sport of lacrosse as the vehicle, our coaches are challenged to impart the values of sportsmanship, respect and positive competition. We embrace and teach that all our participants to always give full effort in the spirit of striving to learn and improve.

It is our goal that your daughters continue to grow and shine as a person first, teammate second and lacrosse player third.

The mission of the North Cascades Lacrosse (NCLAX) is to create an environment where young athletes can develop into positive, forward-thinking players who have the tools to excel in lacrosse and in life. This is achieved by providing the opportunity for each athlete to receive high quality instruction in skills development, team strategy, sportsmanship, and healthy competition. 

The directors, players, coaches, and parents are held to the highest standards regarding their respect for each other’s dignity and well-being. These standards apply on and off the field and during practices and tournaments. 

NCLAX believes in the use of lacrosse to contribute to the improvement of the community in which we live, work, and play. Therefore, we require that all players agree to our code of conduct. This code will be in effect for all practices and tournaments. Failure to follow this code of conduct may result in suspension from games or dismissal from NCLAX. 


This Code of Conduct is a written agreement between parents, players and coaches to abide by the policies and procedures of NCLAX. We expect all parties to maintain a positive attitude and uphold the ideals of fair play and good sportsmanlike behavior. This contract is more than just paper; it is our policies and procedures. Adherence to these policies and procedures are of primary importance to NCLAX. To participate in NCLAX, all coaches, players, and parents are required to agree to and sign this Code of Conduct Contract. 

Zero Tolerance Policy: NCLAX has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy towards certain violations that are in direct contrast to the mission of NCLAX and will result in player dismissal from the club. 

The following violations will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the club: 

·         Alcohol consumption 

·         Recreational drug use 

·         Use of tobacco products 

·         Breaking of any federal, state, city, or local school district law 

·         Inappropriate actions towards another player that may be physically harmful 

·         Use of foul language or rude gestures towards teammates, other players, parents, Coaches, officials or opponents. 

·         Any level of bullying that causes emotional distress on any teammate or opponent 

Players dismissed from NCLAX will forfeit fees



It is the responsibility of the player to notify the Coach of scheduled events that the player will be missing.

One person’s absence affects the entire team. It is important to make every effort players attend all practices and tournaments. If an absence is known, inform your coach, either verbally or in writing in advance.

Players should strive to give notification of their absence from practice 24 hours prior to the scheduled practice, unless there is an illness or emergency.

Players are required to be prepared for practice/tournaments at the time the practice/game is intended to begin. Example: if a player arrives to the field on time but still has to change into appropriate lacrosse attire, the player is not prepared to start on time. Practices are limited and each coach has a practice start time to ensure complete use of the allotted time for optimum player development.

Please note that a player’s tardiness and absences can also impact playing time or other agreed upon consequence at the Coach’s discretion.

Attitudes and Responsibilities

Personal Responsibility – Players are solely responsible for their actions and behavior. A players behavior is a reflection of their team, club, family, and community.

Positive Attitude – Players should expect a lot of themselves but always settle for the best they can. Learn from errors but don’t dwell on them in a negative way. Look for lessons when things are tough and celebrate successes.

Players are to have an attitude of non-selfishness. Lacrosse is the ultimate team sport. Win and lose as a team. Selfishness, envy and jealousy can destroy a team.

Players to accept responsibility for errors, loss of temper, loss of concentration and poise without making excuses and resolve to focus on improvement.

Players are to accept coaching and other directions, including position assignments in a positive, cooperative manner. If a player wants to question coaching decisions they are to arrange to talk with the coach at the earliest time and place where a rational and private discussion can take place. During a game or practice is not the time to question a coach’s decision to make a substitution or line-up change. Refer to Guide to Conflict Resolution for additional information.

NCLAX believes that all players can be a leader in their own way. Players lead by example, by doing their part, by helping out, by being enthusiastic, by supporting teammates, and by never getting down.

Player needs to set goals on quality play and self-improvement. Victories will take care of themselves. Make every effort to play to your potential at all times.

Players will do their part to help with setting up and tearing down fields, moving goals and cones, collecting balls & taking care of equipment. 

Players will accept terms of playing time. Equal playing time in tournaments and games is NOT guaranteed while we strive to play everyone. Coaches have the responsibility of evaluating players during each practice and during tournaments.

Playing time is determined by the evaluation of player performance and team needs. While NCLAX has the goal to improve each player’s skill, it is each player’s responsibility to improve the team.

Players must bring their “Coachable Spirit” and willing to improve and adjust technical skills per Coaches request. It is the coaches’ job to coach and develop the players. Players need to respect and encourage fellow teammates on the field, not correct other players’ mistakes.

Players are expected to show 100% effort during practice and at tournaments. Anything less may result in player and parent discussion to learn more about the circumstances why a player is not giving full effort. If player is sick or injured during practice affecting their effort, they will be asked to sit out and quietly observe practice or contact their parent to pick them up.

Players will not engage in negative language. NCLAX will NOT tolerate such behavior and if it is a continuous problem (more than one warning) it may result in missed playing opportunities. Also refer to the Zero Tolerance items if the negative language falls under this section.

Players are to have their cell phones put away during practice, games, and team meetings unless otherwise specified by Coach. Phones may be used for emergencies.

Players are expected to maintain proper health during club season. This includes hydration during practices and tournaments. Players are required to come to practices and tournaments with their own water bottle. No sharing of water bottles will be encouraged.


It is the responsibility of the parents/guardian/guest to understand and agree to the attendance policy under the player guidelines.

All parents/guardian/guests are expected to conduct themselves in a positive fashion with regards to NCLAX events. Parents are invited to attend all practices and tournaments, yet required to conduct themselves appropriately while in that environment. Parents that cannot follow these rules could be asked to leave or not allowed to attend NCLAX events.

No parent is allowed onto the playing surface during practice or tournament.. If a parent wishes to be an assistant coach, please contact the NCLAX Director. A request does not guarantee the parents/guardian/guests participation in NCLAX events. Only the Coaches and NCLAX Director can request assistance from those registered as a NCLAX coach.

At tournaments, parents/guardian/guests are expected to inform the Coach if their child is unable to attend, will be tardy or leaving the tournament facility early.

Parents/guardians/guests are asked to respect ALL other players, opponents, parents, guardians, guests, and officials involved with Lacrosse and NCLAX. Any negative comments will not be tolerated and result in asking the individual to leave.

Parents/guardians/guests are responsible for making sure that the health of their player is taken care of for practices and tournaments. This includes but is not limited to making sure that their player has a water bottle for practices and tournaments as well as food supplies as needed.


If there is a question about playing time, Coaching decisions, conduct, or anything regarding NCLAX, the player and parent should:

Schedule an individual meeting with the Coach at an appropriate time. The Coach has the right to request presence of 3rd party (i.e. Assistant Coach, NCLAX Director, or parent).

If questions or disputes still stand after that meeting, the player and/or parent can schedule a meeting with the NCLAX Director at an appropriate time.

At no time is a parent/guardian/family member allowed to approach a coach at a tournament or during practice in regards to a conflict they have. NCLAX adheres to a 24 hour cool down policy that requires at least 24 hours to pass from any perceived conflict before any resolution meeting can take place.